Cure of melancholy is either
 * Sect 1. General to all, which contains
    * Unlawful means forbidden,
       * Memb. 1. From the devil, magicians, witches, &c., by
         charms, spells, incantations, &c.
          * Quest. 1. Whether they can cure this, or other such
            like diseases? 
          * Quest. 2. Whether, if they can so cure, it be lawful
            to seek to them for help?
    * or Lawful means, which are
       * Memb. 2. Immediately from God, a Jove principium by 
         prayer &c.
       * Memb. 3. Quest. 1. Whether saints and their relics can
                  help this infirmity?
                  Quest. 2. Whether it be lawful to sue to them
                  for aid.
       * or Memb. 4. Mediately by Nature which concerns and
                     works by
          * Subsect. 1. Physician, in whom is required science,
            confidence, honesty, &c.
          * Subsect. 2. Patient, in whom is required obedience,
            constancy, willingness, patience, confidence,
            bounty, &c., not to practise on himself.
          * Subsect. 3. Physic, which consists of 
             * Dietetical A
             * Pharmaceutical B 
             * Chirurgical C
 * or Particular to the three distinct species, D, E, F

A Sect. 2. Dietetical, which consists in reforming those six non-natural things, as in * Diet rectified 1. Memb. * Matter and quality 1 Subs. * Such meats as are easy of digestion, well-dressed, hot, sod, &c., young, moist, of good nourishment, &c. * Bread of pure wheat, well-baked. * Water clear from the fountain. * Wine and drink not too strong, &c. * Flesh * Mountain birds, partridge, pheasant, quails, &c. Hen, capon, mutton, veal, kid, rabbit, &c. * Fish * That live in gravelly waters, as pike, perch, trout, sea-fish, solid, white, &c. * Herbs * Borage, bugloss, balm, succory, endive, violets, in broth, not raw, &c. * Fruits and roots. * Raisins of the sun, apples corrected for wind, oranges, &c., parsnips, potatoes, &c. * or Subs. 2. Quantity. * At seasonable and unusual times of repast, in good order, not before the first be concocted, sparing, not overmuch of one dish. * Memb. 2. Rectification of retention and evacuation, as costiveness, venery, bleeding at nose, months stopped, baths, &c. * Memb. 3. Air rectified, with a digression of the air * Naturally in the choice and site of our country, dwelling-place, to be hot and moist, light, wholesome, pleasant &c. * Artificially, by often change of air, avoiding winds, fogs, tempests, opening windows, perfumes, &c. * Memb. 4. Exercise * Of body and mind, but moderate, as hawking, hunting, riding, shooting, bowling, fishing, fowling, walking in fair fields, galleries, tennis, bar. * Of mind, as chess, cards, tables &c., to see plays, masks, &c., serious studies, business, all honest recreations. * Memb. 5. Rectification of waking and terrible dreams, &c. * Memb. 6. Rectification of passions and perturbations of the mind. * From himself * Subsect. 1. By using all good means of help, confessing to a friend, &c. * Avoiding all occasions of his infirmity. * Not giving way to passions, but resisting to his utmost. * or from his friends. * Subsect. 2. By fair and foul means, counsel, comfort, good persuasion, witty devices, fictions, and, if it be possible, to satisfy his mind. * Subsect. 3. Music of all sorts aptly applied. * Subsect. 4. Mirth and merry company. * Sect. 3. A consolatory digression, containing remedies to all discontents and passions of the mind. * Memb. 1. General discontents and grievances satisfied. * Memb. 2. Particular discontents, as deformity of body, sickness, baseness of birth, &c. * Memb. 3. Poverty and want, such calamities and adversities. * Memb. 4. Against servitude, loss of liberty, imprisonment, banishment, &c. * Memb. 5. Against vain fears, sorrows for death of friends, or otherwise. * Memb. 6. Against envy, livor, hatred, malice, emulation, ambition, and self-love, &c. * Memb. 7. Against repulses, abuses, injuries, contempts, disgraces, contumelies, slanders, and scoffs, &c. * Memb. 8. Against all other grievous and ordinary symptoms of this disease of melancholy.

B. Sect. 4. Pharmaceutics, or Physic which cureth with medicines, with a digression of this kind of physic, is either Memb. 1. Subsect. 1. * General to all * Alterative * Simples altering melancholy, with a digression of exotic simples 2. Subs. * Herbs. 3. Subs. * To the heart; borage, bugloss, scorzonera, &c. * To the head; balm, hops, nenuphar, &c. * Liver; eupatory, artemisia, &c. * Stomach; wormwood, centaury, pennyroyal. * Spleen; ceterache, ash, tamarisk. * To Purify the blood; endive, succory, &c. * Against wind; origan, fennel, aniseed, &c. * 4. Subs Precious stones; as smaragdes, chelidonies, &c. Minerals; * or compounds altering melancholy, with a digression of compounds. 5. Subs. * Inwardly taken * Liquid * fluid * Wines; as of hellebore, bugloss, tamarisk, &c. * Syrups of borage, bugloss, hops, epithyme, endive, succory, &c. * or consisting. * Conserves of violets, maidenhair, borage, bugloss, roses, &c. * Confections; treacle, mithridate, eclegms or linctures. * or solid, as those aromatical confections. * hot * Diambra, dianthos. * Diamargaritum calidum. * Diamoscum dulce. * Electuarium de gemmis. * Laetificans Galeni et Rhasis. * or cold * Diamargaritum frigidum. * Diarrhodon abbatis. * Diacorolli, diacodium with their tables. * Condites of all sorts, &c. * or Outwardly used, as * Oils of camomile, violets, roses, &c. * Ointments, alablastritum, populeum, &c. * Liniments, plasters, cerotes, cataplasms, frontals, fomentations, epithymes, sacks, bags, odoraments, posies, &c. * or Purging H * or Particular to three distinct species, I; J; K

H. Medicines purging melancholy are either Memb. 2. * Simples purging melancholy * 1. Subs. Upward, as vomits * Asrabecca, laurel, white hellebore, scilla, or sea-onion, antimony, tobacco * or Downward. 2. Subs. * More gentle; as senna, epithyme, polypody, mirobalanes, fumitory, &c. * Stronger; aloes, lapis Armenus, lapis lazuli, black hellebore. * or 3. Subs. Compounds purging melancholy * Superior parts * Mouth * swallowed * Liquid, as potions, juleps, syrups, wine of hellebore, bugloss, &c. * Solid, as lapis Armenus, and lazuli, pills of Indie, pills of fumitory, &c. * Electuaries, diasena, confection of hamech, hierologladium, &c. * or Not swallowed, as gargarisms, masticatories, &c. * or Nostrils, sneezing powders, odoraments, perfumes, &c. * or Inferior parts, as clysters strong and weak, and suppositories of Castilian soap, honey boiled, &c.

C. Chirurgical physic, which consists of Memb. 3. * Phlebotomy, to all parts almost, and all the distinct species. * With knife, horse-leeches. * Cupping-glasses. * Cauteries, and searing with hot irons, boring. * Dropax and sinapismus. * Issues to several parts, and upon several occasions.

D. Sect. 5. Cure of head-melancholy. Memb. 1. * 1. Subsect. Moderate diet, meat of good juice, moistening, easy of digestion. * Good air. * Sleep more than ordinary. * Excrements daily to be voided by art or nature. * Exercise of body and mind not too violent, or too remiss, passions of the mind, and perturbations to be avoided. * Subsect. 2. Bloodletting, if there be need, or that the blood be corrupt, in the arm, forehead, &c., or with cupping-glasses. * Subsect. 3. Preparatives and purgers. * Preparatives; as syrup of borage, bugloss, epithyme, hops, with their distilled waters, &c. * Purgers; as Montanus, and Matthiolus helleborismus, Quercetanus, syrup of hellebore, extract of hellebore, pulvis Hali, antimony prepared, Rulandi aqua mirabilis; which are used, if gentler medicines will not take place, with Arnoldus, vinum buglossatum, senna, cassia, mirobalanes, aurum potabile, or before Hamech, Pil. Indae, Hiera, Pil. de lap. Armeno, lazuli. * Subsect. 4. Averters. * Cardan's nettles, frictions, clysters, suppositories, sneezings, masticatories, nasals, cupping-glasses. * To open the haemorrhoids with horse-leeches, to apply horse-leeches to the forehead without scarification, to the shoulders, thighs. * Issues, boring, cauteries, hot irons in the suture of the crown. * Subsect. 5. Cordials, resolvers, hinderers. * A cup of wine or strong drink. * Bezoars stone, amber, spice. * Conserves of borage, bugloss, roses, fumitory. * Confection of Alchermes. * Electuarium lætificans Galeni et Rhasis, &c. * Diamargaritum frig. diaboraginatum, &c. * Subsect. 6. Correctors of accidents, as, * Odoraments of roses, violets. * Irrigations of the head, with the decoctions of nymphea, lettuce, mallows, &c. * Epithymes, ointments, bags to the heart. * Fomentations of oil for the belly. * Baths of sweet water, in which were sod mallows, violets, roses, water-lilies, borage flowers, ramsheads, &c. * To procure sleep, and are * Inwardly taken, * Simples * Poppy, nymphea, lettuce, roses, purslane, henbane, mandrake, nightshade, opium, &c. * or Compounds. * Liquid, as syrups of poppy, verbasco, violets, roses. * Solid, as requies Nicholai, Philonium, Romanum, Laudanum Paracelsi. * or Outwardly used, as * Oil of nymphea, poppy, violets, roses, mandrake, nutmegs. * Odoraments of vinegar, rosewater, opium. * Frontals of rose-cake, rose-vinegar, nutmeg. * Ointments, alablastritum, unguentum populeum, simple or mixed with opium. * Irrigations of the head, feet, sponges, music, murmur and noise of waters. * Frictions of the head and outward parts, sacculi of henbane, wormwood at his pillow, &c. * Against terrible dreams; not to sup late, or eat peas, cabbage, venison, meats heavy of digestion, use balm, hart's-tongue, &c. * Against ruddiness and blushing, inward and outward remedies.

E. 2. Memb. Cure of melancholy over the body. * Diet, preparatives, purges, averters, cordials, correctors, as before. * Phlebotomy in this kind more necessary, and more frequent. * To correct and cleanse the blood with fumitory, senna, succory, dandelion, endive, &c.

F. Cure of hypochondriacal or windy melancholy. 3. Memb. * Subsect. 1 Phlebotomy, if need require. * Diet, preparatives, averters, cordials, purgers, as before, saving that they must not be so vehement. * Use of pennyroyal, wormwood, centaury sod, which alone hath cured many. * To provoke urine with aniseed, daucus, asarum, &c., and stools, if need be, by clysters and suppositories. * To respect the spleen, stomach, liver, hypochondries. * To use treacle now and then in winter. * To vomit after meals sometimes, if it be inveterate. * Subsect. 2. To expel wind. * Inwardly Taken, * Simples, * Roots, * Galanga, gentian, enula, angelica, calamus aromaticus, zedoary, china, condite ginger, &c. * Herbs, * Pennyroyal, rue, calamint, bay leaves, and berries, scordium, betony, lavender, camomile, centaury, wormwood, cumin, broom, orange pills. * Spices, * Saffron, cinnamon, mace, nutmeg, pepper, musk, zedoary with wine, &c. * Seeds, * Aniseed, fennel-seed, ammi, cary, cumin, nettle, bays, parsley, grana paradisi. * or Compounds, as * Dianisum, diagalanga, diaciminum, diacalaminthes, electuarium de baccis lauri, benedicta laxativa, &c. pulvia carminativus, and pulvis descrip. Antidotario Florentine, aromaticum, rosatum, Mithridate. * or Outwardly used, as cupping-glasses to the hypochonrdies without scarification, oil of camomile, rue, aniseed, their decoctions, &c.


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