Harris's List - Mrs. Stróls, No. 88, Queen Ann Street East.

Mrs. Stróls, No. 88, Queen Ann Street East.


Her little heart, beats raptures to the joy;
And love, from morn to night, is her employ.

††††††††††† This lady keeps the house, is a fat plump lass, about twenty-four years of age, and is at present in keeping with a country parson, who is seldom in town.

††††††††††† Much experience, and a natural propensity to the business, has rendered this lady a perfect mistress in the science she professes; and notwithstanding her great practice, she is not the least tired of it, but pursues it with as much eagerness as at first, though her long study has somewhat impaired her complexion, which she endeavours to disguise, by the assistance of art.

††††††††††† The most luxurious appetite of a pampered priest, might be satisfied with such a banquet as this, if there was any truth in the tales related of Jove's descending to embrace some beautiful mortal, he would certainly, before now, have had a tete a-tete with Mrs. Só.

††††††††††† At the beginning of her career in life, there was a particular severity in this lady's fate, who being naturally of a moist complexion, and being addressed by a number of suitors, the happened to make choice of a man who was by no means calculated to gratify the wishes of a longing girl; for, from a long course of debauchery, he had ruined his constitution; from this it may be reasonably supposed, that they were not long together. She soon found another to supply his deficiency. She loves a manly young bedfellow beyond every other felicity; and though she will not accept a trifle, she is by no means mercenary, for she will rather generously give a favour gratis, than accept of what the calls a dirty present.


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