IN the following Glossary, the explanations of words by CHATTERTON, at the bottom of the several pages, are drawn together, and digested alphabetically, with the letter C. after each of them. But it should be observed, that these explanations are not to be admitted but with great caution; a considerable number of them being (as far as the Editor can judge) unsupported by authority or analogy. The explanations of some other words, omitted by CHATTERTON, have been added by the Editor, where the meaning of the writer was sufficiently clear, and the word itself did not recede too far from the established usage; but he has been obliged to leave many others for the consideration of more learned or more sagacious interpreters.



Æ. -- Ælla; a tragycal enterlude.
Ba. -- The dethe of Syr C. Bawdin.
Ch. -- Balade of Charitie.
E.I. -- Eclogue the first.
E.II. -- Eclogue the second.
E.III.-- Eclogue the third.
El. -- Elinoure and Juga.
Ent. -- Entroductionne to Ælla.
Ep. -- Epistle to M. Canynge.
G. -- Goddwyn; a Tragedie.
H.1. -- Battle of Hastings, No 1.
H.2. -- Battle of Hastings, No 2.
Le. -- Letter to M. Canynge.
M. -- Englysh Metamorphosis.
P.G. -- Prologue to Goddwyn.
S.W.C -- Storie of William Canynge.
T. -- Tournament.



(B. = Bailey's Universal Etymological Dictionary (8th ed. 1737).
K. = Kersey's Dictionarium Anglo-Britannicum (1708).
Sk.=Prof. Skeat's Aldine Edition (1871).
Speght= Glossary to Speght's Chaucer (1598).
T. = Tyrwhitt.
C. = Chatterton's notes to the poems.)


ABESSIE, E. III. 89. Humility. C.
Aborne, T. 45. Burnished. C.
Aboune, G. 53. Make ready. C.
Abredynge, Æ. 334. Upbraiding. C.
Abrewe, as Brew.
Abrodden, E.I. 6. Abruptly. C.
Acale, G. 191. Freeze. C.
Accaie, Æ. 356. Asswage. C
Achments, T. 153. Atchievements. C.
Acheke, G. 47. Choke. C.
Achevments, Æ. 65. Services. C.
Acome, S.W.C. 95. as Come.
Acrool, El. 6. Faintly. C.
Adawe, S.W.C. 98. Awake.
Adente, Æ. 396. Fastened. C.
Adented, G. 32. Fastened, annexed. C.
Adigne. See Adygne.
Adrames, Ep. 27. Churls. C.
Adventaile, T. 13. Armour. C.
Adygne, Le. 46. Nervous; worthy of praise. C.
Affynd, H.I. 132. Related by marriage
Afleme, Goulers Requiem 14. as Fleme; to drive away, to affright.
Agrame, G. 93. Grievance. C.
Agreme, Æ. 356. Torture. C. -- G. 5. Grievance. C.
Agrosed, On Happinesse 6. as Agrised; terrified.
Agroted, Æ. 348. See Groted.
Agylted, Æ. 334. Offended. C.
Aidens, Æ. 222. Aidance.
Ake, E. II. 8. Oak. C.
Alans, H.2. 124. Hounds.
Aledge, G. 5. Idly. C.
Alest, Æ. 50. Lest. C.
All a boon, E. III. 41. A manner of asking a favour. C.
Alleyn, E. I. 52. Only. C.
Almer, Ch.20. Beggar. C.
Alyne, T. 79. Across his shoulders. C.
Alyse, Le. 29. Allow. C.
Amate, Æ. 58. Destroy. C.
Amayld, E. II. Enameled. C.
Ameded, Æ. 54. Rewarded.
Amenged, as Menged; mixed.
Amenused, E. II. 5. Diminished. C.
Amield, T. 5. ornamented, enameled.
Anente, Æ. 475. Against. C.
Anie, S.W.C. 59. as Nie; nigh.
Anlace, G. 57. An ancient sword. C.
Antecedent, Æ. 233. Going before.
Applings, E. I. 33. Grafted trees. C.
Arace, G. 156. Divest. C.
light on -lede. Sk. reads arrow-head.]
Ascaunce, E. III. 52. Disdainfully. C
Asseled, E. III. 14. Answered. C.
Ashrewed, CH.24. accursed, unfortunate. C.
Astedde, E. II. 11. Seated. C.
Astende, G. 47. Astonish. C.
Asterte, G. 137. Neglected. C.
Astoun, E. II. 5. Astonish. C.
Astounde, M. 83. Astonished. C.
Athur, H.2. 466. as Thurgh; thorough.
Attenes, Æ. 18. At once. C.
Attoure, T. 115. Turn. C.
Attoure, Æ. 322. Around.
Ave, H.2. 636. for Eau. Fr. Water,
Aumere, Ch. 7. A loose robe, or mantle. C.
Aumeres, E. III. 25. Borders of gold and silver, &c. C.
Aunture, H.2. 133. as Aventure: adventure.
Autremete, Ch. 52. A loose white robe, worn by priests. C.
Awhaped, Æ. 400. Astonished. C.
Aynewarde, Ch. 47. Backwards. C.


Bankes, T. 111. Benches.
Barbed horse, Æ. 27. Covered with armour.
Baren, Æ. 880, for Barren.
Barganette, E. III. 49. A song, or ballad. C.
Battayles, Æ. 707. Boats, ships. Fr.
Batten, G. 3. Fatten. C.
Battent, T. 52. Loudly. C.
Battently, G. 50. Loud roaring. C.
Battone, H. I. 520. Beat with sticks. Fr.
Baubels, Ent. 7. Jewels. C.
Bawfin, Æ. 57. Large. C.
Bayre, E. II. 76. Brow. C.
Beheste, G. 60. Command. C.
Behylte, Æ. 939. Promised. C.
Beme, Æ. 563. Trumpet.
Bemente, E. I. 45. Lament. C.
Benned, Æ. 1185. Cursed, tormented. C.
Benymmynge, P.G. 3. Bereaving.
Berne, Æ. 580. Child. C.
Berten, T. 58. Venomous. C.
Beseies, T. 124. Becomes. C.
Besprente, T. 132. Scattered. C.
Bestoiker, Æ. 91. Deceiver. C.
Bete, G.85. Bid. C.
Betrassed, G. 7. Deceived, imposed on. C.
Betraste, Æ. 1031. Betrayed, C.
Betreinted, H.2. 634 ;
Bevyle, E. II. 7. Break. A herald term signifying a spear broken in tilting. C.
Bewrecke, G. 101. Revenge. C.
Bewreen, Æ. 6. Express. C.
Bewryen, Le. 42. Declared, expressed. C
Bewryne, G. 72. Declare. C.
Bewrynning, T. 128. Declaring. C.
Bighes, Æ. 371. Jewels. C.
Birlette, E. III. 24. A hood, or covering for the back part of the head. C
Blake, Æ. 178. 407. Naked. C.
Blakied, E. III. 4. Naked, original. C.
Blanche, Æ. 369. White, pure.
Blaunchie, E. II. 50. White. C.
Blatauntlie, Æ. 108. Loudly. C.
Blente, E. III. 39. Ceased,dead. C.
Blethe, T. 98. Bleed. C.
Blynge, Æ. 334. Cease. C.
Blyn, E.II. 40. Cease, stand still. C.
Boddekin, Æ. 265. Body, substance. C.
Boleynge, M. 17. Swelling. C.
Bollengers and Cottes, E. II. 33. Different kinds of boats. C.
Boolie, E. I. 46. Beloved. C.
Bordel, E. III. 2. Cottage. C.
Bordelier, Æ. 410. Cottager.
Borne, T. 13. Æ. 741. Burnish. C.
Boun, E. II. 40. Make ready. C.
Bounde, T. 32. Ready. C.
Bowke, T. 19. -- Bowkie, G. 133. Body. C.
Brasteth, G. 123. Bursteth. C.
Brayd, G. 77. Displayed. C.
Breme, subst. G. 12. Strength. C.
---- adj. E.II.6. Strong. C.
Brende, G. 50. Burn, consume. C.
Bretful, Ch. 19. Filled with. C.
Broched, H.2. 335. Pointed.
Brondeous, E. II. 24. Furious. C.
Browded, G. 130. Embroidered. C.
Burled, M. 20. Armed. C.
Burlie bronde, G.7. Fury, anger. C.
, faire welcoming. C. did not observe that the word was a proper name, but uses it to mean hospitality.]
, faire welcoming. C. did not observe that the word was a proper name, but uses it to mean hospitality.]
Byker, Æ. 246. Battle.
Bykrous, M. 37. Warring. C.
Bysmare, M. 95. Bewildered, curious. C.
Bysmarelie, Le. 26. Curiously. C.


Cale, Æ. 854. Cold.
Calke, G. 25. Cast. C.
Calked, E. I. 49. Cast out. C.
Caltysning, G. 67. Forbidding. C.
Carnes, Æ. 1243. Rocks, stones. Brit.
Castle-stede, G. 100. A castle. C.
Chafe, Æ. 191. Hot. C.
Chastes, G. 201. Beats, stamps. C.
Champion, v. P.G. 12. Challenge. C.
Chaper, E. III. 48. Dry, sunburnt. C
Chapournette, Ch. 45. A small round hat. C.
Chefe, G. 11. Heat, rashness. C.
Chelandree, Æ. 105. Gold-finch. C.
Cherisaunce, Ent. I. Comfort. C.
Cheves, Ch. 37. Moves. C.
Chevysed, Ent. 2. Preserved. C.
Chirekynge, M. 23. A confused noise. C.
Church-glebe-house, Ch. 24. Grave. C.
Cleme, E. II. 9. Sound. C.
Clergyon, P. G. 8. Clerk, or clergyman. C.
Clergyon'd, Ent. 13. Taught. C.
Clymmynge, Ch. 36. Noisy. C.
Compheeres, M. 21. Companions. C.
Congeon, E. III. 89. Dwarf. C.
Contake, T. 87. Dispute. C.
Conteins, H.1. 223. for Contents.
Conteke, E. II. 10. Confuse; contend with. C.
Contekions, Æ. 553. Contentions. C.
Cope, Ch. 50. A cloke. C.
Corven, Æ. 56. See Ycorven.
Cotte, E. II. 24. Cut.
Cottes, E.II. 33. See Bollengers.
Coupe, E. II. 7. Cut. C.
Couraciers, T. 74. Horse-coursers. C.
Coyen, Æ. 125. Coy. q?
Cravent, E. III. 39. Coward. C.
Creand, Æ. 581. as Recreand.
Crine, Æ.851. Hair. C.
Croche,v. G. 26. Cross. C.
Crokynge, Æ. 119. Bending.
Cross-stone, Æ. 1122. Monument. C.
Cuarr, Quarry. q?
Cullis-yatte, E. I. 50. Portcullis-gate. C.
Curriedowe, G. 176. flatterer. C.
Cuyen kine, E. I. 35. Tender cows. C.


Dareygne, G. 26. Attempt, endeavour. C.
Decorn, E. II. 14. Carved. C.
Deene, E. II. 69. Glorious, worthy. C
Deere, E. III. 88. Dire. C.
Defs, M. 9. Vapours, meteors. C.
Defayte, G. 52. Decay. C.
Defte, Ch. 7. Neat, ornamental. C.
Deigned, E. III. 53. Disdained. C.
Delievretie, T. 44. Activity. C.
Dente, Æ. 886. See Adente.
Dented, Æ. 263. See Adented.
Denwere, G. 141. Doubt. C. -- M. 13. Tremour. C.
Dequace, G. 6. Mangle, destroy. C.
Dere, Ep.5. Hurt, damage. C.
Derkynnes, Æ. 229. Young deer. q?
Dernie, E. I. 19. Woeful, lamentable. C.-- M. 106. Cruel. C.
Deslavatie, Æ. 1047. Letchery. C.
Deysde, Æ. 46. Seated on a deis.
Dheie; They.
Dhere, Æ. 192. There.
Dhereof; Thereof
Difficile, Æ. 358. Difficult. C.
Dighte, Ch. 7. Drest, arrayed. C.
Dispone, Storie of W Canyng. 27. Dispose.
Divinistre, Æ. 141. Divine. C.
Dolce, Æ. 1187. Soft, gentle. C.
Dole, n. G. 137. Lamentation. C.
Dolte, Ep. 27. Foolish. C.
Donore, H. I. 5. This line sliould probably be written thus; O sea-oerteeming Dovor!
Dortoure, Ch. 25. A sleeping room.C.
Dote, S.W.C. 20. perhaps as Dighte.
Doughtre mere, H.2. 481. D'outre mere. Fr. From beyond the sea.
Drefte, Æ. 466. Least. C.
Drented, G. 91. Drained. C.
Dreynted, Æ. 237. Drowned. C.
Dribblet, E. II. 48. Small, insignificant. C.
Drites, G. 65. Rights, liberties. C.
Drocke, T. 40. Drink. C.
Droorie, Ep. 47. See Chatterton's note. Druerie is Courtship, gallantry.
Dulce, S.W.C. 103. as Dolce.
Duressed, E. I. 39. Hardened. C.
Dyd, H.2. 9. should probably be Dyght.
Dygne, T. 89. Worthy. C.
Dynning, E. I. 25. Sounding. C.
Dysperpellest, Æ. 414. Scatterest.
Dysporte, E. I. 28. Pleasure. C.
Dysportisment, Æ. 250. as Dysporte.


Edraw, H.2. 52. for ydraw; Draw.
Eft, E. II. 78. Often. C.
Estsoones, E. III. 54. Quickly. C.
Ele, M. 74. Help. C.
Eletten, Æ. 448. Enlighten. C.
Eke, E. I. 27. Also. C.
Emblaunched, E. I. 36. Whitened. C.
Embodyde, E. I. 33. Thick, stout. C.
Embowre, G. 134. Lodge. C.
Emburled, E. II. 54. Armed. C.
Emmate, Æ. 34. Lessen, decrease. C.
Emmertleynge, M. 72. Glittering.
Enalse, G. 159. Embrace. C.
Encaled, Æ. 918. Frozen, cold. C.
Enchafed, M. 60. Heated, enraged. C.
Engyne, Æ. 381. Torture.
Enlowed, Æ. 606. Flamed, fired.
Enseme, Æ. 971. To make seams in. q?
Enseeming, Æ. 746. as Seeming.
Enshoting, T. 174. Shooting, darting. C.
Enswote, Æ. 1175. Sweeten. q?
Enswolters, Æ. 629. Swallows, sucks in. C.
Ensyrke, Songe to Ælla. 34. Encircle.
Ent, E. III. 57. A purse or bag. C.
Entendement, Æ. 261. Understanding.
Entrykeynge, Æ. 304. as Tricking.
Entyn, P.G. 10. Even. C.
Estande, H.2. 271. for Ystande; Stand.
Estells, E. II. 16. A corruption of Estoile, Fr. A star. C.
Ethe, E. III. 59. Ease. C.
Ethie, S.W.C. 49. Easy.
Evalle, E. III. 38. Equal. C.
Evespeckt, T. 56. Marked with evening dew. C.
Ewbrice, Æ. 1085. Adultery. C.
Ewbrycious, S.W.C. 60. Lascivious.


Fage, Ep. 30. Tale, jest. C.
Faifully, T. 147. Faithfully. C.
Faitour, Ch. 66. A beggar, or vagabond. C.
Faldstole, Æ. 61. A folding sool, or seat. See du Cange in v. Faldistorium.
Fayre, Æ. 1204. 1224. Clear, innocent.
Feere, Æ. 965. Fire.
Feerie, E. II. 45. Flaming. C.
Fellen, E. I. 10. Fell pa. t. sing. q?
Fetelie, G. 24. Nobly. C.
Fetive, Ent. 7. as Festive.
Fetivelie, Le. 42. Elegantly. C.
Fetiveness, Æ. 400. as Festiveness.
Feygnes, F. III. 78. A corruption of feints. C.
Fhuir, G. 58. Fury. C.
Fie, T.113. Defy. C.
Flemed, T. 6. Frighted. C.
Flizze, G. 197. Fly. C.
Floe, H.2. 54. Arrow.
Flott, Ch. 33. Fly. C.
Foile, E. III. 78. Baffle. C.
Fons, Fonnes, E. II. 14. Devices. C.
Forgard, Æ. 565. Lose. C.
Forletten, El. 19. Forsaken. C.
Forloyne, Æ. 722. Retreat C.
Forreying, T. 114. Destroying. C.
Forslagen, Æ. 1076. Slain. C.
Forslege, Æ. 1106. Slay. C.
Forstraughte, S.W.C. 58. Distracted.
Forstraughteyng, G. 34. Distracting. C.
Forswat, Ch. 30. Sun-burnt. C.
Forweltring, Æ. 618. Blasting. C.
Forwyned, E. III. 36. Dried. C.
Fremde, Æ. 430. Strange. C.
Fremded, Æ. 555. Frighted. C.
Fructile, Æ. 185. Fruitful.


Gaberdine, T. 88. A piece of armour. C.
Gallard, Ch. 39. Frighted. C.
Gare, Ep. 7. Cause. C.
Gastness, Æ. 412. Ghastliness.
Geare, Æ. 299. Apparel, accoutrement.
Geason, Ent. 7. Rare. C. -- G. 120. Extraordinary, Strange. C.
Geer, H.2. 284. as Gier.
Geete, Æ. 736. as Gite.
Gemote, G. Assemble. C.
Gemoted, E. II. 38. United, assembled. C.
Gerd, M. 7. Broke, rent. C.
Gies, G. 207. Guides. C.
Gier, H. I. 527. A turn, or twist.
Gif, E. II. 39. If. C.
Gites, Æ. 2. Robes, mantels. C.
Gledeynge, M. 22. Livid. C.
Glomb, G. 175. Frown. C.
Glommed, Ch. 222. Clouded, dejested. C.
Gorne, E. I. 36. Garden. C.
Gottes, Æ. 740. Drops.
Graiebarbes, Le. 25. Greybeards.
Grange, E. 1. 34. Liberty of pasture. C.
Gratche, Æ. 115. Apparel. C.
Gravots, E. I. 24. Groves. C.
Gree, E. I. 44. Grow. C.
Groffynglie, Ep. 33. Foolishly. C.
Gron, G. 90. a fen, moor. C.
Gronfyres, G. 200. Meteors. C.
Groted, Æ. Swollen. C.
Gryne, H.2. 706. Groin.]
Gule-depeincted, E. II. 3. Red-painted. C.
Gule-steynct, G. 62. Red-Stained. C.
Gyttelles, Æ. 438. Mantels. C.


Haile, E. III. 60. Happy. C.
Hailie, Æ. 148. 410. as Haile.
Halceld, M. 37. Defeated. C.
Hallie, T. 144. Holy. C.
Halline, Ch. 82. Joy. C.
Hancelled, G. 49. Cut off, destroyed. C
Hanne, Æ. 409. Had. particip. q? -- Æ. 684. Had. pa. t. sing. q?
Haveth, E. I. 17. Have. 1st pers. q?
Heafods, E. II. 7. Heads. C.
Heavenwere, G. 146. Heavenward. C.
Hecked, Æ. 394. Wrapped closely, covered. C.
Heckled, M. 3. Wrapped. C.
Heie, E. II. 15. They. C.
Heiedeygnes, E. III. 77. A country dance, still practised in the North. C.
Hele, n. G. 127. Help. C.
Hele, v. E. III. 16. To help. C.
Hem, T. 24. A contraction of them. C.
Hente, T. 175. Grasp, hold. C.
Herselle, Æ. 279. Herself.
Hilted, Hiltren, T. 47. 65. Hidden. C.
Hiltring, Ch.13. Hiding. C.
Hoastrie, E. I. 26. Inn, or publick house. C.
Horrowe, M. 2. Unseemly, disagreeable. C.
Houton, M. 93. Hollow. C.
Hulstred, M. 6. Hidden, secret. C.
Huscarles, Æ. 923. 1194. House-servants.
Hylle-fyre, Æ. 682. A beacon.
Hylte, T. 168. Hid, secreted. C.
-- Æ. 1059. Hide. C.


Jape, Ch. 74. A Short surplice, &c. C.
Jeste, G. 195. Hoisted, raised. C.
Ifrete, G. 2. Devour, destroy. C.
Ihantend, E. 1. 40. Accustomed. C.
Jintle, H.2. 82. for Gentle.
Impestering, E. I. 29. Annoying. C.
Inhild, El. 14. Infuse. C.
Ishad, Le. 37. Broken. C.
Jubb, E. III. 72. A bottle. C.


Ken, E. II. 6. See, discover, know. C.
Kennes, Ep. 28. Knows. C.
Kiste, Ch. 25. Coffin. C.
Kivercled, E. III. 63. The hidden or secret part. C.
Knopped, M. 14. Fastened, chained, congealed. C.


Leathel, E. I. 42. Deadly. C.
Lechemanne, Æ. 31. Physician.
Lecturn, Le. 46. Subject. C.
Lecturnies, Æ. 109. Lectures. C.
Leden, El. 30. Decreasing. C.
Leege, G. 173. Homage, obeysance. C.
Leegefolcke, G. 43. Subjects. C.
Lege, Ep. 3. Law. C.
Leggen, M. 92. Lessen, alloy. C.
Leggende, M. 32. Alloyed. C.
Lemanne, Æ. 132. Mistress.
Lemes, Æ. 42. Lights, rays. C.
Lemed, E. 7. Glistened. C. -- Æ. 606. Lighted. C.
Lere, Æ. 68. H.2. 597. seems to be put for Leather.
Lessel, El. 25. A bush or hedge. C.
Lete, G. 60. Still. C.
Lethal, El. 21. Deadly, or deathboding. C.
Lethlen, Æ. 272. Still, dead. C.
Letten, Æ. 928. Church-yard. C.
Levynde, El. 18. Blasted. C.
Levynne, M. 104. Lightning. C.
Levyn-mylted, Æ. 462. Lightning-melted. q?
Liss, E. 1. 7. Leaf.
Likand, H.2. 177. Liking.
Limed, El. 7. -- Limmed, M. 90. Glassy, reflecting. C.
Lissed, T. 97. Bounded. C.
Lithie, Ep. 10. Humble. C.
Loaste, Æ. 456. Lost.
Logges, E. I. 55. Cottages. C.
Lordinge, T. 57. Standing on their hind legs. C.
Loverd's, E. III. 29. Lord's. C.
Low, G. 50. Flame of fire. C.
Lowes, T. 137. Flames. C.
Lowings, Ch. 35. Flames. C.
Lymmed, M. 33. Polished. C.
Lynch, El. 37. Bank. C.
Lynge, Æ. 376. Stay. C.
Lyoncel, E. II. 44. Young lion. C.
Lysse, T. 2. Sport, or play. C.
Lyssed, Æ. 53. Bounded. C.


Mancas, G. 136. Marks. C.
Manchyn, H. 2. 222. A sleeve. Fr.

Maynt, Meynte, E. II. 66. Many, great numbers. C.
Mee, Mees, E. I. 31. Meadow. C.
Mere, G. 8. Lake. C.
Merk-plante, T. 176. Night-shade.
Merke, T. 163. Dark, gloomy. C.
Miesel, Æ. 551. Myself.
Miskynette, El. 22. A small bagpipe. C.
Mist, Ch. 9. Poor, needy. C.
Mitches, El. 20. Ruins. C.
Mittee, E. II. 28. Mighty. C.
Mockler, S.W.C. 105. More.
Moke, Ep. 5. Much. C.
Mokie, El. 29. Black. C.
Mole, Ch. 4. Soft. C.
Mollock, G. 90. Wet, moist. C.
in some old Romances.
in some old Romances.
Morthynge, El. 4. Murdering. C.
Mote, E. I. 22. Might. C.
Motte, H.2. 184. Word, or motto.
Myckle, Le. 16. Much. C.
Mynster, G. 75. Monastery. C.
Mysterk, M. 33. Mystic. C.


pleasant and strong. But the word nappy in this connexion has nothing to do with causing sleep.]
pleasant and strong. But the word nappy in this connexion has nothing to do with causing sleep.]
Ne, P.G. 6. Not. C.
Ne, S.W.C. 58. Nigh.
Nedere, Ep. 11. Adder. C.
Neete, S.W.C. 41. Night.
Nesh, T. 16. Weak, tender. C.
Nete, Æ.399. Night.
Nete, T. 19. Nothing. C.
Nillng, Le. 16. Unwilling. C.
Nome-depeinted, E. II. 17. Rebus'd shields; a herald term, when the charge of the shield implies the name of the bearer. C.
Notte-browne, S.W.C. 49. Nut-brown.


Obaie, E. I. 41. Abide. C.
Offrendes, Æ. 51. Presents, offerings.
Olyphauntes, H.2. 609. Elephants.
Onknowlachynge, E. II. 26. Not knowing. C.
Onlist, Le. 46. Boundless. C.
Orrests, G. 100. Oversets. C.
Ouchd, T. 80. See C.'s note.
Ouphante, Æ. 888. 929. Ouphen, Elves.
Ouzle, Æ. 104. Blackbird. C.
Owndes, G. 91. Waves. C.


Pall, Ch.31. Contraction from appall, to fright. C.
Paramente, Æ. 52. Robes of scarlet. C. -- M. 36. A princely robe. C.
Paves, pavyes, Æ. 433. Shields.
Peede, Ch. 5. Pied. C.
Pencte, Ch. 46. Painted. C.
Penne, &Æ. 728. Mountain.
Percase, Le. 27. Perchance.
'Pere, E. I. 41. Appear. C.
Persant, Æ. 561. Piercing.
Pheeres, 5. 46. Fellows, equals. C.
Pheon, H.2. 272. in Heraldry, the barbed head of a dart.
Picte, E. III. 91. Picture. C.
Pighte, T. 38. Pitched, or bent down. C.
Poyntel, Le. 44. A pen. C.
Prevyd, Æ. 23. Hardy,valourous. C.
Proto-slene, H.2. 38. First-slain.
Pynant, Le. 4. Pining, meagre.
Pyghte, M. 73. Settled. C.
Pyghteth, Ep. 15. Plucks, or tortures. C.


Quaced, T. 94. Vanquished. C.
Quayntyssed, T. 4. Curiously devised. C.
Quansd, Æ. 241. Stilled, Quenched.
Queede, Æ. 284. 428. The evil one; the Devil.


Receivure, G. 151. Receipt. C.
Recer, H. 1. 87. for Racer.
Recreand, E. 508. Coward. C.
Reddour, Æ. 30. Violence. C.
Rede, Le. 18. Wisdom. C.
Reded, G. 70. Counselled. C.
Redeyng, Æ. 227. Advice.
Regrate, Le. 7. Esteem. C. -- M. 70. Esteem, favour. C.
Rele, n. Æ. 530. Wave. C.
Reles, v. E. II. 63. Waves. C.
Rennome, T. 28. Honour, glory. C.
Reyne, Reine, E. II. 25. Run. C.
Reyning, E. II. Running. C.
Reytes, Æ. 900. Water-flags. C.
Ribaude, Ep. 9. Rake, lewd person. C.
Ribbande-geere, S.W.C. 44. Ornaments of ribbands.
Rodded, Ch. 3. Reddened. C.
Rode, E. I. 59. Complexion. C.
Rodeing, Æ.324. Riding.
Roder, Æ. 1065. Rider, traveller.
Roghling, T. 69. Rolling. C.
Roin, Æ. 325. Ruin.
Roiend, Æ. 578. Ruin'd.
Roiner, Æ. 325. Ruiner.
Rou, G. 10. Horrid, grim. C.
Rowncy, Le. 32. Cart-horse. C.
Rynde, Æ. 1992. Ruin'd.


Sabalus, E. I. 22. The Devil. C.
Scalle, Æ. 703. Shall. C.
Scante, Æ. 1133. Scarce. C.
Scantillie, Æ. 1010. Scarcely, sparingly. C.
Scarpes, Æ. 52. Scarfs. C.
Scethe, T. 96. Hurt or damage. C.
Scille, E. III. 33. Gather. C.
Scillye, G. 207. Closely. C.
Scolles, Æ. 239. Sholes.
Scond, H. I. 20. for Abscond.
Seck, H. I. 461. for Suck.
Seeled, Ent. 11. Closed. C.
Seere, Æ. 1164. Search. C.
Seliness, E. I. 55. Happiness. C.
Seme, E. III. 32. Seed. C.
Semecope, Ch. 87. A short undercloke. C.
Semlykeene, Æ. 9. Countenance. C. -- G. 56. Beauty, countenance. C.
Sete, Æ. 1069. Seat.
Shappe, T. 36. Fate. C.
Shap-scurged, Æ. 603. Fate-scourged. C.
Shemring, E. II. 14. Glimmering.C.
Shente, T. 157. Broke, destroyed. C.
Shepstere, E. I. 6. Shepherd. C.
Shoone-pykes, S.W.C. 44. Shoes with piked toes. The length of the pikes was restrained to two inches, by 3. Edw. 4. c. 5.
Sletre, Æ. 539. Slaughter.
Slughornes, E. II. 9. A musical instrument not unlike a hautboy. C. -- T. 31. A kind of clarion. C.
Smethe, T. 101. Smoke. C.
Smething, E. I. I. Smoking. C.
Smothe, Ch. 35. Steam or vapours. C.
Snett, T. 45. Bent. C.
Sothen, Æ. 227. Sooth. q?
Souten, H.1. 252. for Sought. pa. t. sing. q?
Sparre, H. 2. 525. A wooden bar.
Spencer, T. 11. Dispenser. C.
Spyryng, Æ. 707. Towering.
Starks, T. 73. Stalks.
Steeres, Songe to Ælla. 30. Stairs.
Stente, T. 134. Stained. C.
Storven, Æ. 608. Dead. C.
Straughte, Æ 59. Stretched. C.

Stret, Æ. 158. Stretch. C.
Strev, Æ. 358 Strive.
Stringe, G. 10. Strong. C.

Sweft-kervd, E. II. 20. Short-liv'd. C.
Swotie, E. II. 9. Sweet. C.
Swythe, Swythen, Swythyn; Quickly. C.
Syke, E. II. 6. Such, so. C.


Takelle, T. 72. Arrow. C.
Tende, T. 113. Attend, or wait. C.
Tene, Æ. 366. Sorrow.
Tentyflie, E. III. 48. Carefully. C
Tere, Æ. 194. Health. C.
Thoughten, Æ. 172. 1136. for Thought. pa. t. sing. q?
Thyssen, E. II. 87. These, or those. q?
Tore, Æ. 1020. Torch. C.
Trechit, H.2. 93. for Treget; Deceit.
Twyghte, E. II. 78. Plucked, pulled.C.
Twytte, E. I. 2. Pluck, or pull. C.
Tynge, Tyngue; Tongue.


Val, T. 138. Helm. C.
Vernage, H.2. 11. Vernaccia Ital. a sort of rich wine.
Ugsomeness, Æ. 507. Terror. C.
Ugsomme, E. II. 55. Terribly. C. -- Æ. 303. Terrible. C.
Unburled, Æ. 1186, Unarmed. C.
Uncted, M. 30. Anointed. C.
Undelievre, G. 27. Unactive. C.
Unenhantend, Æ. 636. Unaccustomed. C.
Unespryte, G. 27. Unspirited. C.
Unhailie, Ch. 85. Unhappy. C.
Unliart, P. G. 4. Unforgiving. C.
Unlist, E. III. 86. Unbounded. C.
Unlored, Ep. 25. Unlearned. C.
Unplayte, G. 56. -- Unplyte, Æ. 1238. Explain. C.
Unquaced, E. III. 90. Unhurt. C.
Unsprytes, Æ. 1212. un-souls. C.
Untentyff, G. 79. Uncareful, neglected. C.
Unthylle, T. 30. Useless. C.
Unwer, E. III. 87. Tempest. C.
Volunde, Æ. 73. Memory, understanding. C -- G. 140. Will.
Upriste, Æ. 928. Risen. C.
Upswalynge, Æ. 258. Swelling.C.


Walsome, H.2. 92. Wlatsome; loathsome.
Wanhope, G. 34. Despair. C.
Waylde, Æ. 11. Choice, selected.
Wayne, E. III. 31. Car. C.
Weere, Æ. 835. Grief. C.
Welked, E. III. 50. Withered. C.
Welkyn, Æ. 1055. Heaven. C.
Wissen, Æ. 685. Wish.
Wite, G. 176. Reward. C.
Withe, E. III. 36. A contracttion of Wither. C.
Wolsome, Le. 5. See Walsome.
Wraytes. See Reytes.
Wrynn, T. 117. Declare. C.
Wurche, Æ. 500. Work. C.
Wychencref, Æ. 420. Witchcraft.
Wyere, E. II. 79. Grief, trouble.
Wympled, G. 207. Mantled, covered. C.


Yan, Æ. 72. Than.
Yaped, Ep. 30. Laughable. C.
Yatte, T. 9. That. C.
Ybiente, Æ. 40. Blinded. C.
Ybroched, G. 96. Horned. C.
Ycorven, T. 170. To mould. C.
Yceasedd, T. 132. Broken. C.
Yenne; Then.
Yer, E. II. 29. Their.
Yer, Æ. 152. Your.
Yinder, Æ. 692. Yonder.
Yis; This.
Ynhyme, Ent. 5. Inter. C.
Ynutile, Æ. 198. Useless.
Yroughte. H.2. 318. for Ywroughte.
Ysped, M. 102. Dispatched. C.
Yspende, T. 179. Consider. C.
Ystorven, E. I. 52. Dead. C.
Ytsel, E. I. 18. Itself.
Ywreen, E. II. 30. Covered. C.
Ywrinde, M. 100. Hid, covered. C.
Yyne, Æ. 540. Thine.


Zabalus, Æ. 428. as Sabalus; the Devil.


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