The Works of Aristotle - Of the Breast.

Of the Breast.

For what reason is the breast hollow?
Because there is the seat of the spiritual and aerial members, which are most noble, as the heart and lights; and therefore, because these might be kept from hurt, it was necessary that the breast should be hollow.

Why hath a man the broadest breast of all living creatures?
Because the spirits of men are weak and subtile, and therefore do require a spacious place wherein they are contained, as the breast is.

Why are breasts of beasts round?
Because they be in continual motion, and that figure is under the breast; and therefore that which the heart doth love we draw to the breast, by reason of the neighbourhood it has with the heart, so applying the thing loved unto the lover.

Why have women narrower breasts than men?
Because there is more heat in men, which doth naturally move to the uppermost part of them, making those parts great and large; and therefore a great breast is a token of courage, as Aristotle saith, declaring this to be true by the lion and bull; but in women cold predominates, which naturally tends downwards, and therefore, saith Aristotle, women often fall on their tail, because their hinder parts are gross and heavy, by reason of cold ascending thither; but a man commonly falls on his breast, by reason of his greatness and thickness.


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