The Works of Aristotle - Of the Blood.

Of the Blood.

Why is it necessary that every living thing that has blood have also a liver?
According to Aristotle, because the blood is first made in the liver its seat, and is drawn from the stomach by certain principal veins, and so engendered.

For what reason is the blood red?
First, it is like the part in which it is made, i.e., the liver, which is red, then it is likewise sweet, because it is well digested and concocted: but if it have little earthy matter mixed with it, that makes it somewhat salt, as appears in Aristotle lib. meteor.

How comes women's blood to be thicker than men's?
Their coldness thickens, binds, congeals, and joins it together.

How comes the blood to all parts of the body through the liver, and by what means?
Through the principal veins, as the veins of the head, liver, etc., to nourish all the body.


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