The Works of Aristotle - Of the Urine.

Of the Urine.

How doth the urine come into the bladder, seeing the bladder is shut?
Some say by sweating, and it seems to be true. Others say it comes by a small skin n the bladder, which opens and lets in the urine, Pheephylack says urine is a certain and not deceitful messenger of the health or infirmity of man. Hippocrates says, that men make white urine in the morning, and before dinner red, but after dinner pale, and likewise after supper; for there is divers colours.

How doth the leprosy proceed from the liver?
Because it doth greatly engender the brains, and breed the falling sickness and apoplexy.

Why is it hurtful to drink much cold water?
Because one contrary doth hinder and expel another; for water is very cold, and lying so in the stomach hinders digestion.

Why is it unwholesome to drink new wine, and why doth it very much hurt the stomach?
One reason is, it cannot be digested, therefore it causes the belly to swell and in some sort the bloody flux; secondly, it hinders making water; but to drink good wine is wholesome.

Why do physicians forbid us to labour presently after dinner?
For three reasons; first, because motion hinders the virtue and power of digestion; secondly, because stirring immediately after dinner causes the parts of the both to draw the meat raw to them, which often breeds sickness; and thirdly, because motion makes the food descend before it is digested: but after supper it is good to stir, by reason we soon after incline to sleep, therefore should walk a little, that the food may go to the bottom of the stomach.

Why is it good to walk before dinner?
It makes a man well disposed, fortifies and strengthens the natural heat, causing the superfluity in the stomach to descend; wherefore Avicen says, such as neglect this exercise fall into inflammation of the heart.

Why is it wholesome to vomit, as some say?
Because it purges the stomach of all naughty humours, expelling them, which would breed agues if they should remain in it. Avicen says, a vomit purges the eyes and head, clearing the brain.

How comes sleep to strengthen the stomach and the digestive faculty?
Because in sleep the heart draws inward and helps digestion; but when we wake the heat remains and is dispersed throughout the body.


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