The History of Ireland - GENEALOGIES



Very few early or reliable MSS. of Keating's History give the genealogical and synchronistic sections in a complete and satisfactory manner. In some cases the MSS. are torn or otherwise defective in these sections. Good MSS, otherwise reliable, have curious scribal interpolations in the body of the genealogies. Thus MS. M3 (King's Inns) is an excellent MS. for the body of the history but rather unsatisfactory in the genealogies and synchronisms as I discovered after I had copied the entire section. O'Naughton's copy is also largely interpolated in the genealogies. After a careful examination of the principal MSS. used in the preparation of the text of the History I adopted the version of the genealogies and synchronisms given in M1 (H 5 26 T.C.D.) regarding it as the most complete and satisfactory copy of these sections that has come down to us. Of course the archaisms of this MS. are scarcely noticeable in the genealogical section.

I have supplied variations from M2 (H 5 32 T.C.D.), Fr (A 14, Franciscan Library, Merchants' Quay), F2 (A 15, same Library).

I have also supplied variants from other sources but chiefly from Mac Firbis's Book of Genealogies, R.I.A. (McF.) and from O'Clery's Genealogies, R.I.A. (O'Cl.). Both of these works are practically contemporaneous with the work of Keating, and are, moreover, the result of special genealogical study. I have therefore given their lists as variants.

There are 16 genealogies in all, marked by the letters of the alphabet A to P inclusive, while Q is added as an important variant of C. Nearly all the genealogies are traceable to Milidh Easpainne and thence by an easy ladder to Adam, in whom all the lines meet. I have marked Adam as number one, and in the line of descent from him, as given in A, Milidh Easpainne numbers 36, and Oilill Olom (sprung from Eibhear) 87. In the line of descent from Adam through Milidh Easpainne and Eireamhon (as expanded in full in O'Clery's Genealogies, p. 7) Niall Naoighiallach numbers 90, and Cobhthach Caol mBreagh 60 and Ughaine Mor 59, while in the line of descent from Adam through Fearghus mac Roigh (Fearghus s. of Rossa Ruadh), Fearghus numbers 36 (O'Clery's Genealogies, pp. 187, 203, etc.)

In each genealogy I have given to the name nearest to Adam to which the genealogy is brought, the number to which it is entitled in the main line to which it belongs, and have numbered the lists onwards, starting from such number. Thus B is brought to Oilill Olom to which name the number 84 is attached in A.. H is brought to Eochaidh Muighmheadhoin, to which name the number 89 corresponds in O'Clery's full genealogy of the descent from Adam through Eireamhon (O'Clery's Genealogies. p. 7), etc. In N. the number 84a has been introduced for convenience.


Some seanchas assert that there are in Ireland twelve tribes of the Saorchlanna or true nobility of the Gaels, namely six tribes in Leath Cuinn and six in Leath Mogha. Here are the six tribes of Leath Cuinn, namely Dal gCuinn Dal gCein Dal nAruidhe Dal bhFiatach Dal Riada and Dal Niadh Cuirb. The six tribes of Leath Mogha are Dal nEoghain Dal bhFiachach Dal gCeide Dal Dairine Dal mBairdine and Dal gCais.
Still this is not the order we shall follow in giving the branchings of the sons of Milidh, but we shall follow up the posterity of those three sons of Milidh of Spain who have left issue, namely Eibhear, Ir and Eireamhon, and also that of Lughaidh, son of Ioth, who was son of a brother of Milidh's father.
Know, O reader, that there are in Ireland six tribes of the Aitheachthuaith or Daorchlanna whose genealogy it is not right to trace, though a section of them are Gaels while the others are not Gaels.
The first of these tribes is the remnant of the Fir Bolg and of the Tuatha De Dhanann.
The second tribe consist of those who left their own territory and being descended from Saorchlanna submitted to a servile tribute from another race.
The third tribe consists of that body of Saorchlanna whose territory had been made into sword-land and who remained therein in slavery under the sway of their enemy.
The fourth tribe consists of that body of Saorchlanna who fell into slavery through their own misdeeds and who forfeited their blood and lands by law.
The fifth tribe are those who sprang from foreign soldiery, namely from mercenaries from other lands who left issue in Ireland.
The sixth tribe consists of the descendants of the slaves who came to Ireland with the sons of Milidh.
Now what surprises many is how it could come to pass that no portion of the descendants of the Saorchlanna who came with the sons of Milidh to Ireland should survive. To this my reply is that Tuathal Teachtmhar after he had assumed the sovereignty of Ireland visited them with great slaughter because of their treachery towards the Saorchlanna of Ireland as we have stated. For he defeated them in twenty-five battles in Ulster, in twenty-five battles in Connaught, in twenty-five battles in Leinster, and in thirty-five battles in Munster; and if after this some remnant of them has survived no seancha ought, nor would it be possible for him, to follow up and search out the branching of the genealogy of these or of any of the five other tribes which we have enumerated above; and should any untutored seancha attempt to trace their genealogy whatever statements he might make would have no claim to be regarded as history.
Understand, O reader, that we shall set down here the leading genealogical branches of the true Gaelic nobility, and that we shall begin with the race of Eibhear because of their seniority. Nevertheless, O reader, you should know that we shall introduce into the direct line branches that did not spring from its senior founder, but whose claim arises from the noble exploits in which their ancestors excelled their seniors in birth. Indeed the sovereignty of Ireland and of the provinces was more frequently held by members of junior than by those of senior branches. Here are proof and examples of this:
It is obvious that there were more monarchs of Ireland of the race of Eireamhon, the junior, than of the race of Eibhear, the senior; and that there were more monarchs of Ireland of the posterity of Cobhthach Caol mBreagh, son of Ughaine, the junior, than of the posterity of Laoghaire Lorc, the senior; and that there were more monarchs of Ireland of the posterity of Niall Naoighiallach son of Eochaidh Muighmheadhoin than of the posterity of the four sons of Eochaidh who were seniors to him; and that there were more kings of Connaught of the posterity of Duach Galach, the junior of the sons of Brian son of Eochaidh, than of the posterity of the twenty-three who were seniors to him, and that there were more kings of Leinster of the posterity of Fiachaidh Aiceadha son of Cathaoir Mor, the youngest of the sons of Cathaoir, than of the posterity of the nine others who left issue. And thus it appears that it was not by right of seniority that kings assumed the sovereignty of Ireland or of the provinces, but rather by the greatness and nobility of their deeds; and hence I mean to unfold here the family branches and genealogical ramifications of each division of them in due order and succession and to trace each offshoot to its own particular place in the branch.
Here follow the branching of the race of Eibhear; and first of the posterity of Eoghan son of Oilill Olom, senior of the family of Eibhear.
Now Oilill Olom had three sons who had issue, namely Eoghan Mor, Corbmac Cas and Cian. All that survive of the race of Eibhear are descended from these three.


122 Domhnall the first earl, son of
121 Domhnall an Druimnin, son of
120 Corbmac Ladhrach, son of
119 Tadhg Liath, son of
118 Domhnall an Dana, son of
117 Tadhg na Mainistreach, son of
116 Domhnall. Brother to this Domhnall was Diarmuid Mor of Muscroighe from whom descended Lord Muscroighe and all who sprang from him. Another brother of his was Eoghan of Bord Mainge whence the Carrthaigh of Cois Mainge are descended; son of
115 Corbmac, son of
114 Domhnall Og, from whom are descended Clann Domhnaill Ruaidh. From the progeny of Diarmaid of Traigh Li, brother to this Domhnall Og, is sprung Mac Finghin of Ceithearn; son of
113 Domhnall Ruadh na n-oighbhreath, son of
112 Cormac Fionn. From this Cormac Fionn are descended Clann Charrthaigh of Alla and the princes of Desmond; and from a brother of this Cormac Fionn is sprung Mag Carrthaigh Riabhach and all who are descended from him; son of
111 Domhnall Mor na Cuirre, son of
110 Diarmuid of Cill Badhaine from whom are sprung Clann Taidhg Ruaidh of Scairt; son of
109 Cormac of Magh Teamhnach. From Tadhg brother of this Cormac is sprung Mac Amhlaoibh; son of
108 Muireadhach, son of
107 Carrthach, whence Clann Charrthaigh, son of
106 Saoirbhreathach. Brother to this Saoirbhreathach was Murchadh whence spring Siol gCeallachain son of
105 Donnchadh, son of
104 Ceallachan of Caiseal, son of
103 Buadhachan, son of
102 Lachtna, son of
101 Artghal, son of
100 Sneadhghus. Brother to this Sneadhghus was Foghartach and son to Foghartach was Fionghuine from whom Muinntear Fhionghuine are called; son of
99 Donnghal, son of
97 Natfraoich, son of
98 Faolghus, son of
96 Colga, son of
95 Failbhe Flann. Brother to this Failbhe Flann was Finghin son of Aodh Dubh from whom are sprung O Suilleabhain Mor and O Suilleabhain of Bearra. The Book of Munster says that Finghin was senior to Failbhe and that for that reason the seancha composed the following stanza on Finghin's being in the sovereignty of Munster before Failbhe, on account of his seniority to him:--

To be without Finghin, to be without Mor
To Caiseal is a cause of grief;
It is as if there were no king
If Failbhe Flann is to be king.

However since the descendants of Failbhe excelled those of Finghin in prowess and nobility of deeds they are made founders in the genealogy here; son of
94 Aodh Dubh, son of
93 Criomhthann, son of
92 Feidhlimidh. Brother to this Feidhlimidh was Eochaidh Fionn from whom is sprung O Caoimh, and another brother to him was Eanna whence spring Muinntear Dhalaigh of Munster; son of
91 Aonghus, son of
90 Natfraoich. Brother to this Natfraoich was Cas son of Corc whence sprang O Donnchadha Mor, and from him sprang O Donnchadha of the Gleann, O Mathghamhna Fionn, O Mathghamhna Ruadh, and O Mathghamhna of Ui Floinn Lua, and O Mathghamhna of Cairbre, and from another brother of this Natfraoich namely Cairbre Luachra son of Corc are sprung Ui Muircheartaigh; son of
89 Corc, son of
88 Lughaidh. Brother of this Lughaidh was Daire Cearb from whom are sprung O Donnabhain and
O Cuilein of Cairbre; son of
87 Oilill Flann Beag. From the progeny of Fiachaidh Fighinnte son of Daire Cearb son of OiLill Flann Beag are sprung Muinntear Aicheir, Muinntear Mhiadhachain and Clann Mhic Dabhith in Thomond; son of
86 Fiachaidh Muilleathan, son of
85 Eoghan Mor, son of
84 Oilill Olom, son of
83 Mogh Nuadhat, son of
82 Mogh Neid, son of
81 Dearg, son of
80 Deirgthine, son of
79 Eanna Monchaoin, son of
78 Loch Mor, son of
77 Mo Feibhis, son of
76 Mureadhach Muchna, son of
75 Eochaidh Fear Aine, son of
74 Duach Dallta Deaghaidh, son of
73 Cairbre Lusc, son of
72 Lughaidh Luaidhne, son of
71 Ionnadmhar, son of
70 Niadh Seaghamain, son of
69 Adhamair Foltchaoin, son of
68 Fear Corb, son of
67 Mogh Corb, son of
66 Cobhthach Caomh, son of
65 Reachtaidh Righdhearg, son of
64 Lughaidh Laighdhe, son of
63 Eochaidh, son of
62 Oilill, son of
61 Art, son of
60 Lughaidh Laimhdhearg, son of
59 Eochaidh Uaircheas, son of
58 Lughaidh Iardhonn, son of
57 Eanna Dearg, son of
56 Duach Fionn, son of
55 Séadna Ionnarraidh, son of
54 Breisrigh, son of
51 Rothachtaigh, son of
53 Art Imleach, son of
50 Roan, son of
52 Feidhlimidh, son of
49 Failbhe, son of
48 Cas Céadchaingneach, son of
47 Faildeargod, son of
44 Airereo Arda, son of
46 Muineamhon, son of
43 Roitheachtaigh, son of
45 Cas Clothach, son of
42 Rossa, son of
41 Glass, son of
40 Nuadha Deaghlaimh, son of
39 Eochaidh Faobharghlas, son of
38 Conmhaol, son of
37 Eibhear Fionn, son of
36 Milidh of Spain, son of
35 Bile, son of
34 Breoghan, son of
33 Bratha, son of
32 Defhatha, son of
30 Alldod, son of
31 Archaidh, son of
29 Nuadha, son of
28 Neanuall, son of
27 Feibric Glas, son of
26 Adhnon Fionn, son of
25 Eibhear Gluinfhionn, son of
24 Laimhfhionn, son of
23 Aghnomon, son of
22 Tat, son of
21 Oghaman, son of
20 Beoghaman, son of
19 Eibhear Scot, son of
18 Sru, son of
17 Easru, son of
16 Gaedheal Glas, son of
15 Niul, son of
14 Feinius Farsaidh, son of
13 Baath, son of
12 Magog, son of
11 Jafeth, son of
10 Noe, son of
9 Lamhiach, son of
8 Matusalem, son of
7 Enoch, son of
6 Jareth, son of
5 Malalel, son of
4 Caidhionan, son of
3 Enos, son of
2 Seth, son of
1 Adam.

The branching of the progeny of Cormac Cas the second son of Oilill Olom.

126 Henry, son of
125 Brian. A brother senior to this Brian was Henry son of Donnchadh, who was earl of Thomond and who left no male issue; son of
124 Donnchadh. Brothers to this Donnchadh were Tadhg of Druim Mor and Sir Domhnall of Carraig an Chobhlaigh; son of
123 Conchubhar. Brother to this Conchubhar was Toirrdhealbhach son of Donnchadh who was put to death in Gaillimh; son of
122 Donnchadh. Brothers to this Donnchadh were Domhnall Mor, that is O Briain, Tadhg, Murchadh, Muircheartach and Toirrdhealbhach; son of
121 Connchubhar,. son of
120 Toirrdhealbhach. Son to this Toirrdhealbhach was Murchadh, first earl of Thomond, from whom
sprang the Baron of Innse Ui Chuinn; son of
119 Tadhg, son of
118 Toirrdhealbhach, son of
117 Brian of Cath an Aonaigh. The posterity of Brian of Cath an Aonaigh are Siol mBriain na gCumrach; son of
116 Mathghamhain of Maonmhagh. Of the posterity of Mathghamhain of Maonmhagh are Siol mBriain of Carraig O gCoinneall; son of
115 Muircheartach, son of
114 Toirrdhealbhach, son of
113 Tadhg of Caoluisce. Brother to Tadhg of Caoluisce was Brian Ruadh from whom spring Siol mBriain of Ara; son of
112 Conchubhar na Suibhdhaine, son of
111 Donnchadh Cairbreach, son of
110 Domhnall Mor, son of
109 Toirrdhealbhach, son of
108 Diarmuid. A senior brother to this Diarmuid was Muircheartach ancestor of Clann Mathghamhna of Thomond according to an ollamh of the Dal gCais themselves. One of their ollamhs speaks as follows:

The children of Toirrdhealbhach
who shirked not fight
Were great Muircheartach and Diarmaid,
An expert progeny to whom woods bowed,
Noble Muircheartach was their senior.
The children of the younger of them
Were Siol mBrian, sprung from Diarmaid;
While the warlike expert race
Clann Mathghamhna sprang from Muircheartach;

son of
107 Toirrdhealbhach, son of
106 Tadhg. Brother to this Tadhg was Donnchadh son of Brian from whom is sprung Mac Briain O gCuanach and Clann Bhriain of Eatharlach; son of
105 Brian Boroimhe. This Brian had six sons, namely, Murchadh, Tadhg, Donnchadh, Domhnall, Con cubhar and Flann. We find only two of them to have left issue, i.e., Tadhg and Donnchadh; son of
104 Cinneidigh. This Cinneidigh had twelve sons and only four of them have descendants now, namely, Mathghamhain, Brian, Donn Cuan and Echthigh earn. These are the families that descended from Mathghamhain, namely, O Beollain, O Cathasaigh, O Spealain O hAmhrachain, O Siodhachain, Mac Inneirghe, O Conghalaigh and O Tuama. From Brian are descended Siol mBriain. Now Donn Cuan had six sons namely two Cinneidighs, Riagan, Longargan, Ceileachar, and Conghalach. From one of these Cinneidighs sprang Siol gCin neidigh, from the other Cinneidigh came Muinn tear Chonuing. From Longargan descended Muinntear Riagain. . Conghalach went without issue. From Echthighearn descended Muinntear Echthigheirn and Clann Craith; son of
103 Lorcan. These are the families that sprang from Corcrach s. of Lorcan: Muinntear Seanchain, Muinntear Chnaimhin, Muinntear Ogain, Muinntear Allathaigh, Muinntear Mhaolruanuidh, Muinntear Ghloiarn, Muinntear Ainghiodha and Muinntear Mhaine. Of the posterity of Bran Fionn, son of Lorcan are Siol mBroin of Dubhthir Laighean; son of
102 Lachtna, son of
101 Corc, son of
100 Annluan, son of
99 Mathghamhain, son of
98 Toirrdhealbhach. Son to this Toirrdhealbhach was Algeinen from whom sprang O Meadhra; son of
97 Cathal, son of
96 Aodh Caomh. Another son of this Aodh was Conghalach from whom sprang O Neill, O nEoghain. Now Niall from whom is the race, was the son of Ionnrachtach son of Tuathal son of Flann son of Iorchlosach son of Conghal son of Aodh Caomh; son of
95 Conall, son of
94 Eochaidh Bailldearg, son of
93 Carrthach Fionn. Another son of this Carrthach was Aonghus from whom are these families: Muinntear Loingsigh, Muinntear Uainidhe, Muinntear Bhreachtgha, Muinntear Bhréanainn, Muinntear Sheasnain, Muinntear Riada, Muinntear Thomraigh, Muinntear Chorbmacain; son of
92 Blod. Brother to this Blod was Caisin, whence sprang Siol Aodha, that is Clann Mic Con Mara and from these sprang Mac Flannchadha. A son also of this Blod was Breanainn Ban from whom sprang Muinntear Urthaile, Muinntear Maoldomhnaigh and Muinntear Chearnaigh; son of
91 Cas. This Cas had twelve sons: Blod, Caisin, Lughaidh, Seadna, Aonghus Ceann Nathrach, Corbmac, Cairrthionn, Cainneach, Aonghus Ceann Aitin, Aodh, Loiscionn and Dealbhaoth. Of the progeny of Blod is the head of this branch; of the progeny of Caisin are Siol Aodha, Muinntear Ghrada and Clann Chaisin. From Aonghus Ceann Nathrach son of Cas sprang O Deaghaidh, Cineal Fearmhaic, Cineal Baoi and Cineal Cualochtaigh. From Aonghus Ceann Aitin sprang Muinntear Ifearnain and Muinntear Neachtain; from Aodh, Muinntear Aodha. From Dealbhaoth son of Cas sprang Mag Cochlain, and from Lughaidh s. of Cas sprang Muinntear Dobhorchon and Muinntear Chonraoi. To the Dal gCais also belong Muinntear Leime, Muinntear Aonghusa and Muinntear Dubhthaigh; son of
90 Conall Eachluath, son of
89 Lughaid Meann, son of
88 Aonghus Tireach, son of
87 Fear Corb, son of
86 Mogh Corb, son of
85 Corbmac Cas, son of
84 Oilill Olom, et rlqua.
Cian had one son, namely, Tadhg. Tadhg had two sons namely Connla and Cormac Gaileang. Connla had two sons named Iomchudh from whom O Cearbhaill, and Fionnachta from whom O Meachair.

The branching of the progeny of Cian son of Oilill Olom here.

130 Sean, son of
129 Maolruanuidh, son of
128 Tadhg, son of
127 Uilliam Odhar, son of
126 Fear gan ainm, son of
125 Maolruanuidh. Brother to this Maolruanuidh was Donnchadh from whom sprang the family of Magh Dreimhne; son of
124 Sean, son of
123 Maolruanuidh na feasoige, son of
122 Tadhg, son of
121 Tadhg, son of
120 Ruaidhri, son of
119 Maolruanuidh, son of
118 Tadhg, son of
117 Fionn, son of
116 Gall an Bealaigh,
115 Donnchadh, son of
114 Maolruanaidh, son of
113 Fionn, son of
112 Domhnall, son of
111 Rioghbhradan, son of
110 Cu choirneach, son of
109 Maonach, son of
108 Cearbhall from whom Siol gCearbhaill; son of
107 Dubhluighe, son of
106 Cnaimhin, son of
105 Maonach, son of
104 Seachnasach, son of
103 Aingeadh, son of
102 Maolruanuidh, son of
101 Ulltan, son of
100 Ailtine, son of
99 Lonan, son of
98 Inne, son of
97 Féig, son of
96 Tel, son of 1
95 Meachar, son of
94 Amhruadh, son of 1
93 Druadh, son of
92 Eile Righdhearg from whom Eile is named; son of
91 Earc, son of
90 Sabharn, son of
89 Iomdhamh, son of
88 Iomchadh. Brother to this Iomchadh was Fionnachta from whom sprang O Meachair; son of
87 Connla, son of
86 Tadhg. Another son of this Tadhg was Corbmac Gaileang from whom sprang O hEadhra, O Gadhra and O Cathasaigh and O Conchubhair Ciannachta;son of
85 Cian, son of
84 Oilill Olom, ut supra.


125 Tadhg Og, son of
124 Sean, son of
123 Tadhg, son of
122 Giolla na Naomh Og, son of
121 Giolla na Naomh Mor, son of
120 Giolla na Naomh, son of
119 Tadhg, son of
118 Giolla na Naomh, son of
117 Giolla na Naomh, son of
116 Piaras, son of
115 Giolla na Naomh, son of
114 Diarmuid, son of
113 Fionn, son of
112 Maolseachlainn, son of
111 Muircheartach, son of
110 Donnchadh, son of
109 Iarann, son of
108 Fiachaidh, son of
107 Meachar, son of
106 Murchadh Og, son of
105 Domhnall, son of
104 Eigneach, son of
103 Tadhg, son of
102 Dluthach, son of
101 Meachar, son of
100 Caolluidhe, son of
99 Cu choille, son of
98 Meachar from whom Ui Mheachair; son of
97 Aodh Mor, son of
96 Feargna, son of
95 Lughaidh, son of
94 Donn Cuan, son of
93 Feidhlimidh, son of
92 Fiathaidh, son of
91 Lughaidh, son of
90 Athchu, son of
89 Eochaidh Faobharghlas, son of
88 Fionnachta, son of
87 Connla, son of
86 Tadhg, son of
85 Cian, son of
84 Oilill Olom, ut supra.

The branching of the descendants of Ir son of Milidh as follows

Now there are two sons of Ir who principally have descendants namely Conall Cearnach and Fearghus son of Rossa Ruadh. From Conall Cearnach are Mag Aonghusa and Siol Mordha. From Fearghus is sprung O Conchubhair of Ciarraidhe, O Conchubhair of Corca Moruadh and Siol bhFearghail with their genealogical branches.


125 Aodh, son of
124 Art Ruadh, son of
123 Aodh, son of
122 Domhnall Og, son of
121 Domhnall Mor, son of
120 Aodh, son of
119 Art, son of
118 Aodh, son of
117 Art na madhmann, son of
116 Muircheartach Riaganach, son of
115 Echmhileadh, son of
114 Rughruidhe, son of
113 Giolla Choloim, son of
112 Dubhinnse, son of
111 Aodh Reamhar, son of
110 Flaithbheartach, son of
109 Echmhileadh, son of
108 Aonghus, son of
107 Aodh, son of
106 Echmhileadh, son of
105 Aonghus Og, son of
104 Aonghus Mor, a quo the race, son of
103 Eideadh, son of
102 Laighnen, son of
101 Blathmhac, son of
100 Domhnall, son of
99 Conchubhar, son of
98 Breasal Bealdearg, son of
97 Aodhan, son of
95 Saran, son of
96 Mongan, son of
94 Maine, son of
93 Fothadh, son of
92 Conall. Brother to this Conall was Saran son of Caolbhadh from whom is sprung Mac Artain; son of
91 Caolbhadh, son of
90 Cronn Bhadhraoi, son of
89 Eochaidh, from whom Ui Eochach of Ulster are called, son of
88 Lughaidh,son of
87 Rossa, son of
86 Iomchadh, son of
85 Feidhlimidh, son of
84 Cas, son of
83 Fiachaidh Aruidhe from whom Dal nAruidhe are named, son of
82 Aonghus Gaibhne, son of
81 Fearghus Gaileang, son of
80 Tiobraide Tireach, son of
79 Breasal Breac, son of
75 Cathbhadh, son of
78 Cearb, son of
74 Giallchadh, son of
77 Mal, son of
73 Dunchadh, son of
76 Rochruidhe, son of
72 Fionnchadh, son of
71 Muireadhach, son of
70 Fiachaidh Fionnamhnas, son of
69 Irial Glunmhar, son of
68 Conall Cearnach. Another son of this Conall Cearnach was Laoiseach Ceannmhor from whom Siol Mordha spring; son of
67 Aimhirgin Iarghiunach, son of
66 Cas, son of
65 Fachtna, son of
64 Cathbhadh, son of
63 Cionga, son of
62 Rughruighe. Another son to this Rughruidhe was Rossa Ruadh father of Fearghus Mac Roigh; son of
61 Sitrighe, son of
60 Dubh, son of
59 Faichen, son of
58 Faobhardhil, son of
57 Caithfear, son of
56 Glass, son of
55 Finndearcach, son of
54 Srubh, son of
53 Rossa, son of
52 Dubh, son of
51 Fomhor, son of
50 Airgeadmhar, son of
49 Siorlamh, son of
48 Fionn, son of
47 Bratha, son of
46 Labhraidh, son of
45 Cairbre, son of
44 Ollamh Fodla, son of
43 Fiachaidh Fionscothach, son of
42 Seadna, son of
41 Art, son of
40 Airtre, son of
39 Eibric, son of
38 Eibhear, son of
37 Ir, son of
36 Milidh of Spain, ut supra.

The branching of the progeny of Fearghus Mac Roigh as follows

109 Sean, son of
108 Conchubhar Bacach, son of
107 Conchubhar Fionn, son of
106 Conchubhar, son of
105 Sean, son of
104 Conchubhar, son of
103 Conchubhar, son of
102 Conchubhar, son of
101 Diarmuid, son of
100 Mathghamhain, son of
99 Diarmuid Sluaghach, son of
98 Mathghamhain,son of
97 Corc, son of
96 Mac Beathaigh, son of
95 Conchubhar, son of
94 Cathal, son of
93 Aodh, son of
92 Tadhg, son of
91 Rughruidhe, son of
90 Cu luachra, son of
89 Diarmaid, son of
88 Conchubhar, son of
87 Fionn, son of
86 Maolseachlainn, son of
85 Flann Feorna, son of
84 Colman, son of
83 Cobhthach, son of
82 Reachtabhrach, son of
81 Maoltuile, son of
80 Aodh, son of
79 Durthacht, son of
78 Seanach, son of
77 Reathaidh, son of
76 Fearba, son of
75 Iomchadh, son of
74 Eibric, son of
73 Mochdhuine, son of
72 Ulam, son of
71 Meas Con, son of
70 Sabhal, son of
69 Mogh Airt, son of
68 Oirbsionmhar, son of
67 Eochaidh, son of
66 Airtre, son of
65 Aghnaman, son of
64 Fiamhan, son of
63 Dealbhnaoi, son of
62 Enna, son of
61 Lainne, son of
60 Ulpach, son of
59 Astamhan, son of
57 Ciar, son of
58 Mogh Taoi, son of
56 Fearghus. Another son to this Fearghus was Corc from whom are O Conchubhair of Corca Moruadh. From this Conchubhair sprang O Lochlainn of Boireann, Muinntear Arga and Muinntear Fhlaithbhearthaigh of Thomond. Another son to this Fearghus was Cormac from whom sprang Siol bhFearghail and Mag Raghnaill. Mac Eochadha of Leinster also belongs to the race of Ir.

The branching of the race of Eireamhon.

Now Ughaine Mor is the ancestor of all that survive of the race of Eireamhon, and all his sons went without issue except two, namely Laoghaire Lorc and Cobhthach Caol mBreagh. Of the posterity of Laoghaire Lorc are the descendants of Eireamhon in Leinster and of the posterity of Cobhthach are the descendants of Eireamhon in Leath Cuinn. We shall first set down the genealogy of O Neill to Eireamhon and every offshoot from his line to Niall Naoighiallach.


127 Sean, son of
126 Aodh, son of
125 An Fear Dorcha, son of
124 Conn Bacach, son of
123 Conn, son of
122 Einri, son of
121 Eoghan. At this Eoghan the progeny of Feidhlimidh Ruadh part from O Neill; son of
120 Niall Og, son of
119 Niall Mor, son of
118 Aodh, son of
117 Domhnall, son of
116 Brian of Cath Duin, son of
115 Niall Ruadh, son of
114 Aodh, that is, the Lazy-limbed Youth, son of
113 Muircheartach of Magh Line, son of
112 Tadhg of Gleann, son of
111 Conchubhar na Fiodhgha, son of
110 Flaithbhearthach of Loch Adhar, son of
109 Domhnall, that is the Young Ox, son of
108 Aodh Athlamh. Son to this Aodh Athlamh was Donnsleibhe son of Suibhne of Fanaid. It was. from him sprang Mac Suibhne of the battleaxes and Mac Suibhne of Badhain; son of
107 Flaithbheartach an trostain, son of
106 Muircheartach Midheach, son of
105 Domhnall of Ard Macha. Brother to this Domhnall was Aodh son of Muircheartach of the leather-cloaks from whom are Clann Aodha Buidhe; son of
104 Muircheartach of the leather-cloaks, son of
103 Niall Glundubh, son of
102 Aodh Fionnliath, son of
101 Niall Caille, son of
100 Aodh Oirndidhe, son of
99 Niall Frasach. Brother to this Niall was Conchubhar from whom sprang O Cathain; son of
98 Fearghal, son of
97 Maolduin, son of
96 Maoilfithrigh, son, of
95 Aodh Uairiodhnach, son of
94 Domhnall Ilchealgach, son of
93 Muircheartach. Brother to this Muircheartach was Maine son of Muireadhach whence sprang O Gairmleadhaigh; son of
92 Muireadhach, son of
91 Eoghan. This Eoghan had five sons who had issue namely Muireadhach, Oilill, Fearghus, Feilim and Eochaidh Binnigh. Of the progeny of Muircheartach son of Muireadhach son of Eoghan son of Niall is Mag Lachluinn. Of the progeny of Mongan son of Muireadhach son of Eoghan are Muinntear Dhonnghaile. Of the progeny of Fearghal son of Muireadhach son of Eoghan is Mac Cathmhaoil. Of the progeny of Oilill son of Eoghan are Muinntear Cheallaigh. Of the progeny of Fearghus son of Eoghan is O Conchubhair of Magh Iotha. Of the progeny of Feidhlimidh son of Eoghan son of Niall is O Duibhdhiorma. Of the progeny of Eochaidh Binnigh son of Eoghan are Cineal mBinnigh.

Here we treat of the six brothers of Eoghan son of Niall namely Laoghaire, Eanna, Maine, Cairbre Conall Creamthainn and Conall Gulban.

Of the descendants of Laoghaire is O Caoindealbhain. Of the descendants of Maine are the following families, namely, Sionnach Muinntire Thadhgain, Muinntear Ronain, Muinntear Choinmheadha, Ui Inneirghe, Muinntear tSlamain, Muinntear Dhuibhgheannain, Clann Ui Mhaoilchonaire, Muinntear Bhraoin, Muinntear Chibleacain, O Siadhail, Muinntear Chathalain, Muinntear Mhuireaghdha, O Corrghamhna, and Muinntear Chuinn. Of the descendants of Conall Creamhthainn is O Maoilseachlainn. Of the progeny of of Conall Gulban is O Dornhnaill and all who have sprung from him as we shall presently state. Of Eanna and Cairbre two other sons which Rioghnach bore to Niall the descendants are unknown to us. Niall had another son by Inne daughter of Lughaidh. His name was Fiachaidh. From him are descended Mag Eoghagain and O Maoilmhuaidh; son of
90 Niall Naoighiallach.

The branching of the progeny of Conall Gulban son of Niall.

126 Aodh, son of
125 Rughruidhe, son of
124 Aodh, son of
123 Maghnus, son of
122 Aodh Dubh, son of
121 Aodh Ruadh, son of
120 Niall Garb, son of
119 Toirrdhealbhach an fhiona, son of
118 Niall Garbh, son of
117 Aodh, son of
116 Domhnall Og, son of
115 Domhnall Mor, son of
114 Eighneachan, son of
113 Donnchadh, son of
112 Domhnall, son of
111 Aodh, son of
110 Tadhg, son of
109 Conn, son of
108 Cathbharr, son of
107 Giolla Criost, son of
106 Cathbharr, son of
105 Domhnall, a quo the race, son of
104 Eighneachan, son of
103 Dalach, a quo Siol nDalaigh, son of
102 Muircheartach, son of
101 Ceannfaolaidh, son of
100 Airndealach, son of
99 Maolduin, son of
98 Ceannfaolaidh. This Ceannfaolaidh had two other sons named Maolduin, from whom is O Baoidhill, and Fionan from whom is O Dochartaigh; son of
97 Garbh, son of
95 Lughaidh, son of
96 Ronan, son of
94 Fearghus, son of
93 Seadna. A son of this Seadna was Ainmire, father of Aodh, son of Ainmire. From this Aodh, son of Ainmire, sprang O Maoldoirigh, Mac Giolla Finnein and O Gallchubhair; son of
92 Fearghus Ceannfhada, son of
91 Conall Gulban, son of
90 Niall Naoighiallach, son of
89 Eochaidh Muighmeadhoin. This Eochaidh had five sons namely Brian, Fiachra, Fearghus and Oilill, the four sons of Mongfhionn daughter of Fiodhach. This Mongfhionn was sister to Criomthann, son of Fiodhach, king of Ireland. The fifth son of Eochaidh was Niall; Cairionn Chasdubh daughter of the king of Breatain was his mother, and although Niall was the youngest of the five sons we have placed him first in the genealogy, since he was the most renowned of them and as it was from his descendants the greater number of the kings of Ireland were drawn. Of the four above-named there are two without issue, so far as I can find, namely Fearghus and Oilill. But of each of the two brothers who left issue namely Brian and Fiachra we shall give here the branching.

The branching of the descendants of Brian son of Eochaidh Muighmheadhoin as follows :?

130 Aodh, son of
129 Tadhg, son of
128 Cathal Og, son of
127 Aodh, son of
126 Toirrdhealbhach Ruadh, son of
125 Tadhg Buidhe, son of
124 Cathal Ruadh, son of
123 Tadhg, son of
122 Toirrdhealbhach Ruadh, son of
121 Aodh, son of
120 Feidhlimidh. Brother to this Feidhlimidh was Toirrdhealbhach son of Aodh from whom O Conchubhair Donn sprang; son of
119 Aodh, son of
118 Eoghan, son of
117 Ruaidhri, son of
116 Aodh, son of
115 Cathal Croibhdhearg, son of
114 Toirrdhealbhach Mor. This Toirrdhealbhach had five sons who left issue, namely Cathal Croibh dhearg from whom O Conchubhair Ruadh and O Conchubhair Donn; Brian Luighneach from whom O Conchubhair Sligigh; Aodh Dall from whom O Gealbhuidhe; Maghnus from whom Mac Maghnusa of Tir Tuathal, and Conchubhar na Midhe from whom Clann Conaifne; son of
113 Ruaidhri na Soighe Buidhe, son of
112 Aodh an ghai bhearnaigh, son of
111 Tadhg an eich ghil. Son to this Tadhg an eich ghil was Maolruanuidh from whom is Mac Diarmada of Magh Luirg. From Mac Diarmada sprang the three Mac Donnchadhas and Mac Diarmada Ruadh; son of
110 Cathal, son of
108 Tadhg, son of
109 Conchubhar, son of
107 Cathal, son of
106 Conchubhar. Brother to this Conchubhar was Tadhg son of Tadhg Mor from whom are Muinntear Thaidg; son of
105 Tadhg Mor, son of
104 Muirgheas. Another son of this Muirgheas was Cathal from whom Mac Oireachtaigh; son of
103 Tomaltach. Another son of this Tomaltach was Diarmuid from whom O Coincheanainn; son of
102 Murghal, son of
101 Ionnrachtach. Of the progeny of this Ionnrachtach are O Birn and O Fallamhain; son of
100 Muireadhach Muilleathan. Of the progeny of Cathal son of Muireadhach Muilleathan are O Flannagain O Maoilbhreanainn and O Maoilmhoicheirghe. Of the progeny of Fearghus son of Muireadhach Muilleathan is Mac Shamhradhain; son of 99 Fearghus, son of
98 Raghallach, son of
97 Uadha, son of
96. Aodh. From this Aodh is O Floinn Linne; son of
95 Eochaidh Tiormcharna, son of
94 Fearghus. From Feargna son of Fearghus sprang O Ruairc and Mac Tighearnãin, and from Fearghus son of Fearghus son of Muireadheach Mal sprang O Raghallaigh, Mag Bradaigh and Mac Consnamha. Another son of Fearghus son of Muireadhach Mal was Duach Teanghumha from whom O Flaithbheartaigh and Mac Aodha na Corcaighe; son of
93 Muireadheach Mal, son of
92 Eoghan Sreabh, son of
91 Duach Galach, son of
90 Brian. Of the progeny of another son of Brian who was called Oirbsion is O Maille. Another son of Brian was Fare Dearg from whom sprang O Hainlidhe and Mac Branain; son of
89 Eochaidh Muighmheadhoin.

The branching of the third son of Eochaidh Muighmheadhoin namely Fiachra

127 Diarmuid, son of
126 Ruaidhri, son of
125 Diarmuid, son of
124 Ruaidhri, son of
123 Diarmuid, son of
122 An Giolla Dubh, son of
121 Diarmuid, son of
120 Uilliam, son of
119 Sean, son of
118 Eoghan, son of
117 Giolla na Naomh, son of
116 Raghnall, son of
115 Goll Buidhe, son of
114 Seachnasach a quo the race, son of
113 Donnchadh, son of
112 Cu mhoighe, son of
111 Fearghal, son of
110 Maoilchiarain, son of
109 Cas, son of
108 Maoltuile, son of
107 Sioghmuile, son of
106 Nochba, son of
105 Eagna, son of
104 Garbhadh, son of
103 Branan, son of
102 Bran Leithdhearg, son of
101 Murchadh, son of
100. Aodh. Brother to this Aodh, son of Artghal, was Fearghus from whom are O hEidhin, Muinntear Thomholtain, Muinntear Chathmhogha and Clann Mhic Giolla Cheallaigh. Of the progeny of Murchadh son of Artghal are O Branain, Cineal Aodha and O Cleirigh; son of
99 98 Guaire an einigh, son of
97 Colman, son of]
95 Goibhne, son of
96 Cobhthach, son of
94 Conall, son of
93 Eoghan, son of
92 Eochaidh Breac. Of the progeny of this Eochaidh Breac are the following families, namely Muinntear Mhuirein, Muinntear Mhaoilduin, Muinntear Chomain, Muinntear Mhaoilfhoghmhair, Muinntear Chreachain, Muinntear Leannain, Muinntear Fhlaithile, Muinntear Shuanaigh; son of
91 Dathi. Of the progeny of Fiachaidh son of Dathi is O Dubhda; son of
90 Fiachra, son of
89 Eochaidh Muighmheadhoin, son of
88 Muireadhach Tireach, son of
87 Fiachaidh Sraibhthine. Brother to this Fiachaidh Sraibhthine was Eochaidh Doimhlen. This Eochaidh had three sons who were called the three Collas, namely, Collas Uais, Colla Meann and Colla da Chrioch. Of these, Colla Uais was the eldest and the most illustrious, and from him sprang the following families, namely Clann Domhnaill of Ireland and of Scotland, Clan nDubhghaill, Clann tSithigh and O Breasail Macha.

Clann Domhnaill as follows :?

113 Raghnall, son of
112 Raghnall, son of
111 Samhairle Buidhe, son of
110 Alasdrann, son of
109 Eoin Cathanach, son of
108 Domhnall Ballach, son of
107 Eoin Mor, son of
106 Eoin, son of
105 Aonghus, son of
104 Aonghus Mor. Brother to this Aonghus Mor was Alusdrann son of Domhnall from whom are sprung clann tSithigh that is Sitheach son of Eachdhonn, son of Alasdrann son of Domhnall a quo Clann nDomhnaill; son of
103 Domhnall a quo Clann nDomhnaill, son of
102 Raghnall, son of
101 Samhairle, son of
100 Giolla Brighde, son of
99 Giolla Adhamnain, son of
98 Siolan, son of
97 Meadhruidhe, son of
96 Suibhne, son of
95 Niallghus, son of
94 Maine, son of
93 Gofraidh, son of
92 Fearghus, son of
91 Earc, son of
90 Carrthann, son of
89 Eochaidh. Of the progeny of Eochaidh are Clann nDubhghaill; son of
88 Colla Uais. Brother to this Colla Uais was Colla da Chrioch from whom sprang the following families with their offshoots, namely Mag Mathghamhna Mag Uidhir O Hannluain O Ceallaigh O Neachtain O Madagain.


120 Tadhg, son of
119 Tadhg, son of
118 Domhnall, son of
117 Conchubhar, son of
116 Domhnall, son of
115 Tadhg, son of
114 Conchubhar, son of
113 Diarmuid, son of
112 Tadhg, son of
111 Conchubhar, son of
110 Conchubhar, son of
109 Tadhg of Cath Bhriain, son of
108 Murchadh, son of
107 Aodh, son of
106 Ceallach a quo Siol gCeallaigh, son of
105 Fionachta, son of
104 Oilill, son of
103 Innreachtach, son of
102 Fithcheallach. Of the progeny of Coscrach son of Fithcheallach are Clann Aodhagain; son of
101 Dluthach, son of
100 Diocholla, son of
99 Eoghan Fionn. Brother to this Eoghan was Eoghan Buach whence is sprung O Madagain, son of
98 Corbmac, son of
97 Cairbre Crom, son of
96 Fearadhach, son of
95 Lughaidh, son of
94 Dallan, son of
93 Breasal, son of
92 Maine Mor, son of
91 Eochaidh Fear da ghiall, son of
90 Domhnall, son of
89 Iomchadh. This Iomchadh had there brothers namely Deaghaidh Duirn, Rochuidh and Fiachaidh. From Deaghaidh Duirn sprang Mag Mathghamhna; from Rochaidh sprang Mag Uidhir and Mag Tighearnain of Clann Fearghaile; from Fiachaidh is sprung O Hanluain. But O hInnreachtaigh is of the progeny of Iomchadh son of Colla da Chrioch himself; son of
88 Colla da Chrioch, son of
87 Eochaidh Doimhlen, son of
86 Cairbre Lihochair, son of
85 Cormac Ulfhada, son of
84 Art Aoinfhear, son of
83 Conn Ceadchathach. Brothers to this Conn were Eochaidh, from whom are sprung O Nuallain in Leinster, and Fiachaidh Suighdhe from whom are sprung O Faolain and O Bric in Munster; son of
82 Feidhlimidh Reachtmhar, son of
81 Tuathal Teachtmhar, son of
80 Fiachaidh Fionnolaidh, son of
79 Fearadhach Fionn Feachtnach, son of
78 Criomthann Niadh Nar, son of
77 Lughaidh Sriabh nDearg, son of
76 The three Finneamhnas, sons of
75 Eochaidh Feidhleach, son of
74 Fionn, son of
73 Fionnlogh, son of
72 Roighen Ruadh, son of
71 Easoman of Eamhain, son of
70 Blathachtach, son of
69 Beothachtach, son of
68 Labhraidh Lore, son of
67 Eanna Aighneach. Brother to this Eanna Aighneach was Fiachaidh Fear Mara whence sprang Conaire son of Mogh Lamha son-in-law to Conn Ceadchathach. This Conaire was father to the three Cairbres, namely Cairbre Riada Cairbre Musc and Cairbre Baschaoin. It was these and their posterity who were called the Earna of Munster. From Cairbre Riada sprang Dal Riada of Scotland and the Dal Riada of Ulster from whom the Ruta is named. From Cairbre Musc is named every Muscruighe in Munster and of his progeny are O Failbhe of Desmond and O Cuirc of Muscruighe. From Cairbre Baschoin is named Corca Baiscinn and we have not found out his progeny.


99 Constantin, son of
98 Culen, son of
97 Dubh, son of
96 Maolcoluim, son of
95 Constaintin, son of
94 Cinneidigh, son of
93 Ailpin, son of
92 Eochaidh, son of
90 Domhanghort, son of
91 Aodh Fionn, son of
89 Domhnall Breac, son of
88 Eochaidh Buidhe, son of
87 Aodhan, son of
86 Gabhran, son of
85 Domhanghort, son of
84 Fearghus, son of
83 Neisi Mor, son of
82 Earc, son of
81 Eochaidh Muinreamhar, son of
80 Aonghus Feart, son of
79 Aonghus Aislingtheach, son of
78 Aonghus Buidhneach, son of
77 Feidhlimidh Roineach, son of
76 Seanchormac, son of
75 Cruitluath, son of
74 Fidh feige, son of
73 Eagar Cearr, son of
72 Eochaidh Andod, son of
71 Fiachaidh Cathmhaol, son of
70 Foirthed, son of
69 Earc, son of
68 Eochaidh Riada, that is, Cairbre Riada from whom Dal Riada are named. Of the progeny of Cairbre, also, are the following families in Scotland namely Cineal nGuaire, Cineal Fionghuine Mac Adhamnain Mag Eoghain of Eitre, Mac Giolla Eoghain and Mag Giolla Laghmain; son of
67 Fiachaidh Fear Mara, son of
66 Aonghus Tuirbheach Teamhrach, son of
65 Eochaidh Ailtleathair, son of
64 Oilill Caisfhiaclach, son of
63 Connla Cruaidhchealgach, son of
62 Iarraingleo Fathach, son of
61 Meilge Molbhthach, son of
60 Cobhthach Caol mBreagh. Brother to this Cobhthach was Laoghaire Lorc whence sprang Siol Eireamhoin in Leinster.

The branching of the Lagenians as follows.
I shall begin with the Caomhanaigh

124 Sir Murchadh, son of
123 Domhnall Spainneach, son of
122 Donnchadh, son of
121 Cathaoir Carrach, son of
120 Muircheartach, son of
119 Art Buidhe, son of
118 Domhnall Riabhach, son of
117 Gearalt, son of
116 Art Og, son of
115 Art, son of
114 Muircheartach. Brother to this Muircheartach was Art from whom sprang the race of Diarmuid Laimdhearg namely Murchadh son of Brian with his genealogical offshoots; son of
113 Domhnall, son of
112 Domhnall Caomhanach. This Domhnall had two brothers namely Art and Eanna. Art was put to death by Ruaidhri O Conchubhair and he left no issue; but, as to Eanna, of his progeny are Ui Cinnsiolaigh; son of
111 Diarmuid na nGall. Brother to this Diarmuid was Murchadh na nGaedheal, from whom sprang Mac Daibhith Mor; son of
110 Donnchadh, son of
109 Murchadh, son of
108 Diarmuid, son of
107 Donnchadh, that is, Maol na mho, son of
106 Diarmuid, son of
105 Domhnall, son of
104 Ceallach, son of
103 Cionaoth, son of
102 Cairbre, son of
101 Diarmuid, son of
100 Aodh, son of
99 Ruadhghal, son of
98 Onchu, son of
97 Faolchu, son of
96 Faolan, son of
95 Eoghan Caoch, son of
94 Naithi. From this Naithi is O Maolriain; son of
93 Criomhthann, son of
92 Eanna Cinnsiolach. Another son to this Eanna was Feidhlimidh from whom are sprung Muinntear Mhurchdha and O Dubhloinn; son of
91 Labhraidh, son of
90 Breasal Bealach. Another son to this Breasal was Eanna Niadh from whom sprang O Broin and O Tuathail; son of
89 Fiachaidh Aiceadha, son of
88 Cathaoir Mor. Rossa Failgheach was the eldest son of Cathoir Mor. From him sprang O Conchubhair Failghe, O Diomasaigh and O Duinn. Another son of Cathaoir was Daire Barrach from whom Muinntear Ghormain sprang, son of
87 Feidhlimidh Fiorurghlas, son of
86 Corbmac Gealta Gaoth, son of
85 Nia Corb, son of
84 Cu Chorb. A son of this Cu Chorb was Cairbre Cluitheachair from whom Muinntear Dhuibhidhir; son of
84a Mogh Corb, son of
83 Fionn file, son of
82 Rossa Ruadh, son of
81 Fearghus Fairrge, son of
80 Nuadha Neacht. Nuadha Neacht had three sons, namely Fearghus Fairrge, Baoiscne and Gnathaltach. From Fearghus sprang the founder of this branch. From Baoiscne sprang Cumhall father of Fionn Ua Baoiscne. Cumhall and Feilim Reachtmhar had the same mother namely Baine daughter of Scal king of Sacsa. Gnathalach, we do not know who descended from him; son of
79 Seadna Siothbhac, son of
78 Lughaidh Loithfhionn, son of
77 Breasal Breac. Another son of this Breasal Breac was Connla from whom sprang the kings of Osruighe; (son of
76 Fiachaidh Foibhreac, son of
75 Oilill Glas, son of
74 Fearadhach Foghlas, son of
73 Nuadha Follon, son of
72 Allod, son of
71 Art, son of
70 Mogh Airt, son of
69 Criomhthann Coscrach, son of
68 Fearadhach Fionn, son of
67 Feidhlimidh Foirthriun, son of
66 Fearghus Fortamhail, son of
65 Breasal Breoghamhain, son of
64 Aonghus Ollamh, son of
63 Oilill Bracain, son of
62 Labhraidh Loingseach, son of
61 Oilill Aine, son of
6o Laoghaire Lorc, son of
59 Ughaine Mor) et rlq.


134 Brian Og, son of
133 Brian Og, son of
132 Brian, son of
131 Tadhg, son of
130 Finghin, son of
129 Brian, son of
128 Brian, son of
127 Sean, son of
126 Finghin, son of
125 Finghin, son of
124 Finghin, son of
123 Domhnall Dubh, son of
122 Domhnall, son of
121 Seathfruidh Fionn, son of
120 Seathfruidh Bacach, son of
119 Domhnall Mor of Magh Laoighse, son of
118 Domhnall Clannach, son of
117 Scannlan, son of
116 Giolla Padraig, son of
115 Domhnall, who gave Jerpoint to the monks ; son of
114 Donnchadh, son of
113 Giolla Padraig, son of
112 Domhnall, son of
111 Donnchadh, son of
110 Ceallach, son of
109 Cearbhall. Another son of this Cearbhall was Braonan from whom sprang Siol mBraonain ; son of
108 Donnghal, son of
107 Feartghal, son of
106 Amhalghuidh, son of
105 Coinchearca, son of
104 Anmchaidh, son of
103 Faolan, son of
102 Cronnmhaol, son of
101 Ronan Rioghflaith, son of
100 Scannlan Mor, son of
99 Ceannfaolaidh, son of
98 Colman, son of
97 Bigne Caoch, son of
96 Laighneach Faoilidh, son of
95 Ruamann Duach, son of
94 Conall, son of
92 Niadh Corb, son of
93 Cairbre, son of
91 Gebhuan, son of
90 Eochaidh Lamhdhoid, son of
89 Aingeadh, son of
88 Laoghaire Birnbhuadhach, son of
87 Aonghus Osruighe, son of
86 Criomhthann Mor, son of
85 Iar, son of
84 Seadna, son of
83 Oilill, son of
82 Lugaidh, son of
81 Labhraidh, son of
80 Carrthann, son of
79 Nuadha, son of
78 Connla. Sprung from this Connla are the following families according to the poem which begins
Nas of the kings, best of hillocks:
Muinntear Bhaoithin, Muinntear Dhuineamhla, Muinntear Osain, Muinntear Ionnmhasaigh, Muinntear Fhorannain, Muinntear Thuachair, Muinntear Chruitin, Muinntear Chreadhmacain, Muinntear Dholbhain, Muinntear Lionaigh, Muinntear Uarghusa, Muinntear Ioradain, Muinntear Naoindionain, Muinntear Mhuineachain, Muinntear Bhraoin and many other families which we shall not name here ; son of
77 Breasal Breac, son of
76 Fiachaidh Foirbhreac, son of
75 Oilill Glas, son of
74 Fearadhach Foghlas, son of
73 Nuadha Follon, son of
72 Allod, son of
71 Art, son of
70 Mogh Airt, son of
69 Criomhthann Coscrach, son of
68 Fearadhach Fionn, son of
67 Feidhlimidh Foirtriun, son of
66 Fearghus Fortamhail, son of
65 Breasal Breoghamhain, son of
64 Aonghus Ollamhdha, son of
63 Oilill Bracain, son of
62 Labhraidh Loingseach, son of
61 Oilill Aine, son of
6o Laoghaire Lorc, son of
59 Ughaine Mor, son of
58 Eochaidh Buadhach, son of
57 Duach Ladhghrach, son of
56 Fiachaidh Tolgrach, son of
55 Muireadhach Bolgrach, son of
54 Simeon Breac, son of
53 Aodhan Glas, son of
52 Nuadha Fionn Fail, son of
51 Giallchadh, son of
50 Oilill Olchaoin, son of
49 Siorna Saoghlach, son of
48 Dian, son of
47 Rothachtaigh, son of
46 Maon, son of
45 Aonghus Olmucaidh, son of
44 Fiachaidh Labhrainne, son of
43 Smiorghall, son of
42 Eanbhoth, son of
41 Tighearnmhas, son of
40 Follach, son of
39 Eitreol, son of
38 Irial Faidh, son of
37 Eireamhon, son of
36 Milidh of Spain, ut supra.

The branching of the descendants of Lughaidh son of Ioth as follows :-

86 Sir Finghin, son of
85 Conchubhar, son of
84 Conchubhar, son of
83 Finghin, son of
82 Mac Con, son of
81 Mac Con, son of
80 Finghin, son of
79 Donnchadh Gud, son of
78 Mac Raith, son of
77 Donnchadh Mor, son of
76 Fothadh, son of
75 Fionn, son of
74 Mac Con, son of
73 Fathadh, son of
72 Eidirsceol, son of
71 Fionn, son of
70 Nuadha, son of
69 Donnghal, son of
68 Maoltuile, son of
67 Dunghus, son of
66 Aonghus, son of
65 Folachtach, son of
64 Flannan, son of
63 Brandubh, son of
62 Eidirsceol, son of
61 Naithi, son of
60 Aonghus Gaifhuileach, son of
59 Mac Con, son of
58 Mac Niadh, son of
57 Lughaidh, son of
56 Daire, son of
55 Fear Uillne, son of
54 Siothbholg, son of
53 Daire, son of
52 Siothbholg, son of
51 Uilleann, son of
50 Eadhamhraidh, son of
49 Deaghadh Dearg, son of
48 Deirgthine, son of
47 Nuadha Airgtheach, son of
46 Lachtaine, son of
45 Logh Feidhleach, son of
44 Eireamhon, son of
43 Eadhaman, son of
42 Gos, son of
41 Sin, son of
40 Maithsin, son of
39 Logh, son of
38 Eadhaman, son of
37 Mal, son of
36 Lughaidh, son of
35 Ioth, son of
34 Breoghan, ut supra. Of the posterity of Lughaidh son of Ioth are the following families : Mag Amhalguidh of Callrach, O Laoghaire of Ros, Mag Flannchuidh of Dartrach, O Cobhthaigh, O Cuirnin, O Floinn of Ard, O Baire of Ara, and Mac Ailin in Scotland sprung from Fathadh Canann son of Mac Con. Also of the progeny of this Lughaidh son of Ioth are O Treabhair, O Criadhagain and O Cairnein.


John (son of Maolruanuidh), son of
Maolruanuidh. Brother to this Maolruanuidh is Tadhg of Baile an Chnocain; son of
Tadhg. Brother to this Tadhg is John an Bealaigh who was a lord, and An Calbhach who was a lord, and Sir Maolruanuidh who was a lord, and many others whom I do not find to have left issue; son of
William Odhar. Brothers to this William Odhar were Tadhg Caoch, that is, O Cearbhaill, and he was senior to William; and Maolruanuidh and Uaithne who were his juniors; son of
Fear gan Ainm. Brothers to this Fear gan Ainm were Maolruanuidh Og and Tadhg who left no issue, and William, that is, An Cuisdiunach, and Donnchadh, Prior of Saighir, and John. His mother was daughter of Mac Murchadha; son of
Maolruanuidh. Brothers to this Maolruanuidh were Uaithne who was O Cearbhaill, and Donnchadh who was O Cearbhaill who was called "the parson." These three were sons of the daughter of Mac na Mara; and of the progeny of this Donnchadh are Siol gCearbhaill of Magh Dreimhne, that is John son of Uaithne son of Maolruanuidh son of An Calbhach son of Donnchadh. Brother to this Calbhach son of Donnchadh was Tadhg son of Donnchadh from whom sprang Donnchadh son of Cian son of Tadhg son of Donnchadh, and his descendants, that is the possessor of Buaile Bhreac; son of
John. Brothers to this John were William of Corr an Chliabhain who was O Cearbhaill, Tadhg of Cluain O gCionach and of Culog, and Uaithne of Bealach Mor, and Maolruanuidh Og of Tulach and Ruaidhri Carrach owner of Cluain Eachaill; and Beibhionn daughter of O Diomusaigh was their common mother; son of
Maolruanuidh na Feasoige. Brothers to this Maolruanuidh was Donnchadh Dall owner of Biorra who was O Cearbhaill, and Connla; son of
Tadhg Aibhle Mhaighe Glaise. Brother to this Tadhg was Ruaidhri Caol who was O Cearbhaill, whence have sprung the family of Ruaidhri Caol and Domhnall, that is, owner of Cill Cuimin; son of
Tadhg Caille. Brother to this Tadhg was John whence have sprung Clann Mhic Seain that is the family of Baile Nua; and this John was O Cearbhaill till the sons of Mathghamhain O Beacain slew him in Lios Bualtruighe; son of
Ruaidhri, son of
William. Brothers to this William were John and Uaithne who left no issue; son of
Maolruanuidh. Brother to this Maolruanuidh was Domhnall who was O Cearbhaill at the time of the Conquest, and of his descendants are Clann Mhic Domhnaill; and also the following families : the family of Coill Meadhoin and the family of Mac Muircheartaigh and the family of the Giolla Fionn; and it was to the family of this Giolla Fionn that Leim belonged; son of
Tadhg, son of
Fionn. Brother to this Fionn was Donnsleibhe from whom sprang Sliocht Breachma and Donnchadh from whom are the Priors of Saighir; son of
Goll an Bhealaigh. And it was this Goll an Bhealaigh who first acquired Magh an Bealaigh; son of
Donnchadh son of
Maolruanuidh, son of
Fionn, son of
Domhnall. Brother to this Domhnall was Rioghbhradan from whom sprang the family of Cuil na bhFearnog; son of
Rioghbhradan, son of
Cu Coirneach Maonach, son of
Ulltan, son of
Cearbhall, son of
Lonan, son of
Aodh, son of
Binne, son of
Dubhluidhe, son of
Feagh, son of
Cnaimhin, son of
Tal, son of
Seachnusach, son of
Meachar, son of
Aineadh Ard, son of
Maolruanuidh, son of
Drui, son of
Eile Righdhearg, from whom Eile is named, son of
Iomchadh, son of
Earc. Brother to this Earc was Feigh son of Fionnchadh Uallach, from whom O Flannagain of Cineal Aga; son of
Fionnchadh Uallach. Brother to this Fionnchadh was Fionnachta from whom sprang O Meachair and every branch that came from him; son of
Connla. Of the descendants of this Connla is O Conchaibhair Ciannachta in Ulster; son of
Tadhg. This Tadhg son of Cian had five sons, namely Connla from whom sprang the head of this family and Cormac Gaileang from whom sprang O hEadhra and O Gadhra and O Cathasaigh, and Cormac an Chaile from whom sprang Muinntear Chormaic and Muinntear Cholgan according to the poem which begins :

Proudly did Tadhg march to battle,

that is, Tadhg son of Cian, and Eochaidh and Muircheartach whom I do not find to have issue; son of
Cian, son of
Oilill Olom, ut supra.

Thus far the branching of the descendants of Cian son of Oilill Olom according to their own Ollamh namely Donnghalach O Rioghbhradain.

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