The History of Ireland - Bibliographic and editorial note.

Bibliographic and editorial note.


            Foras Feasa ar Éirinn was written about 1630 and circulated widely in manuscript form; the printing of books in Irish being effectively forbidden by the English rulers of Ireland at the time. There have been three full translations into English:

            The O'Mahony and Comyn/Dinneen versions are available in book form only in very expensive multi-volume library editions. The O'Mahony translation is also available as page images (very poor quality) at Google Books

            This version is based on the Comyn/Dinneen edition. This is a scholarly version of the original Irish text, carefully collated from the best manuscripts, with a translation on opposite pages and very copious annotations. Our aim here has been to produce a reading version, so the following changes have been made.

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