Cony-Catching - Title Page

Title Page

Notable Discovery of Coosnage
Now daily practised by sundry lewd per-
,called Connie-catchers,
and Crosse-biters.

Plainely [l]aying open those pernitious sleights that hath brought many igno-
rant men to confusion.

Written for the general benefit of all Gentlemen, Citizens, Aprentises, Countrey Farmers
and yeomen, that may hap to fall into the company of such coosening companions.

With a delightfull discourse of the coosnage of colliers.

Nascimur pro patria
By R. Greene, Maister of Arts

Printed by Iohn Wolfe for T.N. and are to be sold ouer
against the great south doore of Paules. 1591.

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