Cony-Catching - Title Page

Title Page

Part of Conny-Catching

Contayning the discovery of certaine wondrous
Coosenages, either superficiallie passed ouer, or
vtterly vntoucht in the first.

As the nature of

(The black Art
(The Vincent's Law
(The Prigging Law
(The Courbing Law
(The Lifting Law
(The Foist
(The Nip

(Picking of locks.
(Cozenage at Bowls.
(Horse stealing.
(Hooking at windows.
(Stealing of parcels
(The pickpocket.
(The cut purse.


With sundrie pithy and pleasant Tales worthy the reading of all e-
states, that are ennemies to such base and dishonest practises.

Mallem non esse quam non prodesse patriae.<25>
R. G.

Printed by Iohn Wolfe for William Wright, and
are to be sold at his shop in Pauls Church
yard, near to the French schoole.

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