Cony-Catching - How Ned Brown Let Fall a Key.

How Ned Brown Let Fall a Key.

            Walking up and down Paul's, I saw where a nobleman's brother in England came with certain gentlemen his friends in at the West door, and how he put up his purse, as having bought some thing in the Churchyard: I having an eagle's eye, spied a good bung containing many shells as I guessed, carelessly put up into his sleeve, which drave me straight into a mutiny with myself how to come by it. I looked about me if I could see any of my fellow friends walking there, & straight I found out three or four trusty foists with whom I talked and conferred about this purse: we all concluded it were necessary to have it, so we could plot a means how to catch it. At last I set down the course thus: as soon as the throng grew great, and that there was jostling in Paul's for room, I stepped before the gentleman and let fall a key, which stooping to take up, I staid the gentleman that he was fain to thrust by me, while in the press two of my friends foisted his purse, and away they went withal, and in it there was some twenty pound in gold: presently putting his hand in his pocket for his handkerchief, he missed his purse, and suspected that he that let fall the key had it; but suppositions are vain, and so was his thinking seeing he knew me not, for till this day he never set eye on his purse.

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