Cony-Catching - Conclusion.


            Thus have I proved to your masterships how there is no estate, trade, occupation, nor mystery, but lives by cony-catching, and that our shift at cards, compared to the rest, is the simplest of all, & yet forsooth you could bestow the pains to write two whole pamphlets against us poor cony-catchers; think, Mr. R.G., it shall not be put up except you grant us our request. It is informed us that you are in hand with a book named The Repentance Of A Cony-catcher, with a discovery of secret villainies, wherein you mean to discourse at full the nature of the stripping law, which is the abuse offered by the keepers of Newgate to poor prisoners, and some that belong to the Marshalsea. If you do so, ye shall do not only a charitable but a meritorious deed: for the occasion of most mischief, of greatest nipping and foisting, and of all villainies, comes through the extorting bribery of some cozening and counterfeit keepers and companions that carry unlawful warrants about them to take up men. Will your Worship therefore stand to your word and set out the discovery of that, all we of Whittington College will rest your beadmen. Otherwise look that I will have the crew of cony-catchers swear themselves your professed enemies forever.

Cuthbert Cony-catcher.


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