English as She is Spoke -- BIBLIOGRAPHIC NOTE


O Novo Guia da Conversação em Portuguez e Inglez was first published in Paris in 1855. In 1882 an abridged edition was published in London by Field & Tuer under the brilliant title of English as She is Spoke. A different abridgement was published the same year in the USA with an introduction by Mark Twain.

This Ex-classics edition has been prepared by combining these two editions . It is still abridged; there is a lot in the original book not in our edition. If you want more, there is another abridgement in print, edited by Paul Collins and published by McSweeney's Books, 826 Valencia St., San Francisco; which you can buy via Amazon. And for the more adventurous there is a complete reprint available from the Brazilian publishers Casa Da Palavra, though getting this via the internet may tax your ingenuity and persistence. (We got ours through a bookseller who is no longer extant.)


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