Foxe's Book of Martyrs -- 281. OTHER EVENTS OF MAY 1555.


            The third of May a letter was sent to George Colt and Thomas Daniel, to make search for and apprehend John Bernard and John Walsh, who used to repair to Sudbury, and carrying about with them the bones of Pygot that was burned, to show them to the people, persuading them to be constant in his religion: and upon examination to commit them to further ordering, according to the laws.

            This day Stephen Appes was committed to the Little Ease in the Tower, there to remain two or three days, until further examination.

            The twelfth day, Master Thomas Ross, preacher, was by the councils' letters delivered from the Tower to the sheriff of Norfolk, to be conveyed and delivered to the bishop of Norwich; and he, either to reduce him to recant, or else proceed against him according to the law.

            The sixteenth, a letter was sent to the lord treasurer, signifying what the Lord L. had done for Ross; and that order should be given, according to his Lordship's request, for letters to the bishops: and for Appes, whom the lieutenant of the Tower reporteth to be mad, his Lordship, perceiving the same to be true, should commit him to Bethlem, there to remain until their further order.

            The twenty-sixth, a letter was sent to the lord treasurer, to confer with the bishop of London, and the justices of the peace of that county, wherein they were to be executed, that were already condemned for religion; and, upon agreement of places, to give order for their execution accordingly.

            The twenty-eighth, a letter was sent to the lord treasurer, to cause speedy preparation to be made of such money as was appointed for such persons as should carry the joyful tidings of Queen Mary's good delivery of child, to divers princes, so as they be not compelled to stay when time shall come. The ambassadors were, to the emperor, the lord admiral; to the French king, the Lord Fitzwaters; to the king of Romans, Sir Henry Sidney; to the king of Portugal, Richard Shelley; whose free passage through France Master Doctor Wotton was willed to procure by letters, the twenty-fourth of June.

            The twenty-ninth, was a letter directed to Sir Francis Englefield, to make search for one John D., at London, and to apprehend him, and send him to the council; and to make search for such papers and books as he thinketh may touch the same D., or one Benger.


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