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Foxe's Book of Martyrs -- 283. OTHER EVENTS OF JUNE, 1555.


            The fifth day of June, [there were letters sent to] Master Secretary Bourne, the master of the Rolls, Sir Francis Englefield, Sir Richard Read, and Dr. Hughes, authorizing them, or two or three of them at the least, to proceed to examination of Benger, Cary, D***, and Field, upon such further points as they shall gather out of their former confessions, touching their lewd and vain practices of calculating or conjuring, presently sent unto them with the said letters.

            The seventh day of June there was another letter to Sir John Tregonwell; willing him to join in commission with the said Lord North, and others above named, about the examination of the said parties and others for conjuring and witcheraft. And the twenty-ninth of August, Cary and D*** were set at liberty upon bonds for their good appearing until Christmas after.

            The twelfth day of June a letter was sent to the lord treasurer, to cause writs to be made to the sheriff of Sussex, for the burning and executing of Derike, a brewer, at Lewes, and other two, the one at Stenning, the other at Chichester.

            The twenty-third of June a letter was sent to Bonner, to examine a report given to the council of four parishes within the soke of Essex, that should still use the English service; and to punish the offenders, if any such be.


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