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Foxe's Book of Martyrs -- 313. CORNELIUS BUNGEY



Fellow martyr with Master Robert Glover.

            In the same fire with him was burned also Cornelius Bungey, a capper of Coventry, and condemned by the said Radulph, bishop of Coventry and Lichfield. As concerning the articles which were to him objected, the effect thereof was this.


Articles objected to Cornelius Bungey.

            "First, It was articulate against him, that these three years last, in the city of Coventry and Lichfield, and other places about, he did hold, maintain, argue, and teach, that the priest hath no power here to absolve any sinner from his sins.

            "Secondly, That by baptism sins be not washed away; because. he said, that the washing of the flesh purgeth the flesh outwardly, and not the soul.

            "Thirdly, That there be in the church only two sacraments, that is, baptism and the Lord's supper.

            "Fourthly, That in the sacrament of the popish altar, was not the real body and blood of Christ, but the substance of bread and wine there remaining still, because St. Paul calleth it bread and wine, &c.

            "Fifthly, That he, within the compass of the said years and time, did hold, maintain, and defend, that the pope is not the head of the visible church here on earth, &c.

            "Sixthly, That he was of the diocese and jurisdiction of the bishop of Coventry and Lichfield, &c.

            "Seventhly, That the premises are true, manifest, and notorious, and that upon the same there hath been and is a public voice and fame, as well in the places above rehearsed, as in other quarters also about," &c.


His answers to the articles.

            "Unto the which articles he answered again: to the first he granted, and to every part thereof; meaning after the popish manner of absolution.

            "To the second he granted first, and afterwards revoked the same.

            "To the third also he granted, adding withal that in Scripture there be no more contained.

            "To the fourth, touching the sacrament, he granted, and to every part thereof.

            "To the fifth, concerning the pope, likewise.

            "Also to the sixth he granted, and likewise to the seventh."

            Upon these articles and his answers to the same, the said Radulph the bishop read the sentence, and so committed him also, after condemnation of Master Robert Glover, to the secular power.

            Thus this foresaid Cornelius, falsely condemned by the bishop before mentioned, suffered at the same stake with the Christian martyr Master Robert Glover at Coventry, about the twentieth day of September.

            Moreover, in the said county of Salop, I find that one Oliver Richardine of the parish of Whitchurch, was burned in Haverfordwest, Sir John Ygone being sheriff the same time, which seemeth to be about the latter year of Bing Henry the Eighth: whose name, because it was not mentioned before, I thought here to give some little touch of him, having now in hand to speak of the persecution within the diocese of Coventry and Lichfield.


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