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Foxe's Book of Martyrs -- 378. THREE COLCHESTER MARTYRS.


            Thou hast heard, good reader, of the forenamed three that were burnt at Norwich, whose blood quenched not the persecuting thirst of the papists: for immediately after, even the same month, upon the twenty-sixth day, was seen the like murder also at Colchester in Essex of two men and a woman, lying there in prison appointed ready to the slaughter; who were brought forth the same day unto a place prepared for them to suffer, and accordingly gave their lives for the testimony of the truth, whose names likewise hereafter follow: William Harris, Richard Day, and Christian George, martyrs.

            These three good souls were brought unto the stake, and there joyfully and fervently had made their prayers unto the Lord.

            At the last, being settled in their places, and chained unto their posts, with the fire flaming fiercely round about them, they like constant Christians triumphantly praised God within the same, and offered up their bodies a lively sacrifice unto his holy Majesty; in whose habitation they have now their everlasting tabernacles: his name therefore be praised for evermore, Amen.

            The said Christian George's husband had another wife burnt before this Christian, whose name was Agnes George, which suffered, as you have heard, with the thirteen at Stratford-le-Bow. And after the death of the said Christian, he married an honest godly woman again; and so they both (I mean the said Richard George and his last wife) in the end, were taken also, and laid in prison, where they remained till the death of Queen Mary, and at last were delivered by our most gracious sovereign lady Queen Elizabeth, whom the Lord grant long to reign among us, for his mercies' sake, Amen.


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