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Foxe's Book of Martyrs -- 400. JOHN GLOVER OF MANCETTER, GENTLEMAN.


            What a fatherly and manifest providence of the Lord likewise did appear in the preserving of Master John Glover, of the diocese of Coventry and Lichfield, in the town of Mancetter, first, at the taking of Robert, his brother: at which time, although the commission came down for him, yet so God ordered the matter, that his brother being sick was apprehended, and yet he, being whole, escaped, whereof mention is made before.

            And again, another time how miraculously the merciful providence of the Lord wrought his escape out of his enemies' hands, they being at his chamber-door, and drawing the latch to search for him; and how his wife the same time was taken and sent to Lichfield, read before.


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