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Foxe's Book of Martyrs -- 417. A STORY OF THOMAS HORTON, MINISTER.


            As ye have heard of the dangerous trouble of the duchess of Suffolk in the time of her exile for religion' sake, whom notwithstanding the Lord's present protection still delivered in all distresses, as well from her enemies in England, as in Dutchland from the lance-knights there.: so have we no less to behold and magnify the Lord's merciful goodness in preserving of Thomas Horton from the like perils of the same country; which Thomas Horton, what a profitable instrument he was to the church of Christ in Queen Mary's time, all our Englishmen almost, beyond the seas then, did both know and feel.

            This good Thomas Horton, as he used oftentimes to travel between Germany and England, for the behoof and sustenance of the poor English exiles there: so he, journeying upon a time between Maestricht and Cologne, chanced to he taken there by certain rovers; and so, being led by them away, was in no little danger: and yet this danger of his was not so great, but the present help of the Lord was greater to aid and deliver him out of the same.


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