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Foxe's Book of Martyrs -- 420. THOMAS BRYCE.


            If our story should proceed so wide and so large, as did the exceeding mercy of God's providence in helping his servants out of wretchedness and thraldom of those bloody days, our treatise (I think) would extend to an endless process. For what good man or woman was there almost in all this time of Queen Mary, who either in carrying a good conscience out of the land, or tarrying within the realm, could well escape the papists' hands, but by some notable experience of the Lord's mighty power and helping hand working for him? What should I here speak of the miraculous deliverance of Thomas Bryce? who, being in the house of John Seal, in the parish of Horting, and the bailiff with other neighbours coming in, sent by Sir John Baker to search and apprehend him, and knowing perfectly both his stature and colour of his garments, yet had no power to see or know him standing before their faces. So mightily the Lord did blind their eyes, that they asking for him, and looking upon him, yet, notwithstanding, he quietly took up his bag of books, and so departed out of the house without any hand laid upon him.

            Also another time, about the second year of Queen Mary, the said Thomas Bryce, with John Bryce his elder brother, coming then from Wesell, meeting together at their father's house, as they journeyed towards London, to give warning there to one Springfield, which else was like to be taken unawares by his enemies, waiting for him upon Gad'shill, fell in company with a promoter, who dogged them and followed them again to Gravesend, into the town, and laid the house for them where they were, and all the ways as they should go to the water's side; so that it had not been possible for them to have avoided the present danger of those persecutors, had not the Lord's provident care otherwise disposed for his servants, through the hosteler of the inn, covertly to convey them by a secret passage; whereby they took barge a mile out of the town, and so in the end both the lives of them and also of Springfield were preserved, through the Lord's gracious protection.


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