Foxe's Book of Martyrs -- 427. THE FAITHFUL OF IPSWICH



A complaint against such as favoured the gospel in Ipswich, exhibited to Queen Mary's council, sitting in commission at Beccles in Suffolk, the eighteenth of May, anno 1556, by Philip Williams, alias Footman, John Steward, and Matthew Butler, sworn for the purpose.


The names of such as fled out of the town, and lurked in secret places.


St. Mary Tower:
            Robert Patrick.
            Rose Nottingham, daughter of William Nottingham the elder.

St. Laurence:
            Anne Fenne, servant to Robert Nottingham.
            Andrew Ingforby, his wife and daughter.
            Thomas Thompson, shoemaker, supposed to have received but twice these seventeen years.
            Martin Algate, locksmith, his wife.

St. Margaret's:
            William Pickess, tanner.
            John Whoodles, coverlet weaver, and his wife.  William Harset, bricklayer.
            Thomas Flower, shoemaker.
            William Wright's wife, at the windmill.
            Laurence Waterward, late curate, born in a town called Chorley, in Lancashire.

St. Nicholas:
            Widow Swaine.
            Matthew Bird and his wife.
            Stephen Greenwich and his wife.
            William Coleman, servant to the said Stephen.
            Robert Coleman and his wife.
            Roger Laurence, alias Sparrow.
            John Carlton, saddler.
            William Coleman.
            James Hearst's wife.

St. Peter's:
            Richard Hover, apprentice with Nicholas Nottingham.
            Richard Hedley, a seller of heretical books.

St. Stephen's:    James Bocking, shoemaker: his wife.
            John Rawe, late servant to James Ashley.
            William Palmer, Richard Rich-man, John Deersley, servants to Stephen Green, shoemaker.
            Richard Richman, shoemaker: his wife, daughter to mother Fenkel, midwife.
            St. Clement's:   Mistress Tooly, which departed to Dersham in Suffolk.
            Agnes Wardall the elder, widow.
            Robert Wardall her son.

St. Matthew's:
            John Shoemaker and his wife.


The names of such as have not received the sacrament.


St. Clement's:
            Robert Bray.
            John Nottingham.
            Agnes Wardall, wife of Robert Wardall.
            Nicholas Nottingham.
            Richard Mitchell.
            William Jordane's wife.
            Richard Butterall.
            Robert Brown.
            St. Peter's:
            John Read.
            Thomas Spurdance.

St. Peter's:
            John, servant to Stephen Grinleff.

St. Stephen's:
            Robert Scolding.

St. Margaret's:
            John Greenwich and his wife.

St. Nicholas:
            Thomas Sturgeon, mariner.

St. Mary Key:

            John Finn's wife.
            Robert Branstone, brother and servant to William Branstone.

St. Mary Tower:
            Martin Johnson,who lieth bedrid.

St. Laurence:
            Agnes, his keeper, and Bent Alceed, servants to Robert Nottingham.

St. Mary at Elms:
            Robert Sylke's son.
            John Ramsey and his wife, now in prison.


Names of such as observe not ceremonies.


St. Clement's:
            Robert Cambridge refused the pax.
            Robert Brage his wife refused to suffer any child to be dipped in the font.
            Joan Barber, widow, and Thomasine her daughter, refused to behold the elevation of the sacrament.
            Mistress Ponder, mother to Joan Barber, in the same fault.
            Tye, a mariner's wife.

St. Mary at Elms:
            Richard Haward refused the pax at mass in St. Laurence.

St. Peter's:
            Master Lyons, at mass at St. Mary-Stoke, refused the pax.
            Mother Fenkel, and Joan Ward, alias Bentley's wife, refused to have children dipped in the fonts.
            St. Stephen's:    Mother Beriff, midwife, refused to have children dipped in fonts.

St. Nicholas:
            George Bush's wife rejected the host after receipt of it.


Names of priests' wives, that have access to their husbands.

            Ralph Carlton's wife, curate of St. Matthew's, and St. Mary at Elms.
            Elizabeth Cantrel, wife to Ralfe Cantrel.
            Jane Barker, wife to Robert Barker, priest, late of Bury.
            Latimer's wife, curate of St. Laurence and St. Stephen's.
            William Gleark's wife, late curate of Barkham, and St. Mary at Elms.

Names of maintainers against this complaint.

            Robert Sterop, customer to Queen Mary.
            Gilbert Sterop, deputy to Edward Grimston, esquire, for his butlerage.
            Master Butler the elder, searcher.
            Mistress Tooly, swelling by too much riches into wealth.
            Margaret Bray, who also presumeth upon the office of a midwife, not called.

St. Clement's:
            Joan Barber, widow, and Mistress Bird, practising much wholesome counsel.

            St. Mary Quay:
Bastian Man's wife; and he himself more rich than wise.


The requests to punish and convent certain, whose ensample might reverse others from their opinions: as,

            "To convent Richard Bird, jailer, who by evil counsel doth animate his prisoners of his sect. Also for that he with his wife did check us openly with unseemly words, tending almost to a tumult.

            "To convent Thomas Sadler, for certain words spoken to John Bate, the crier of the town, the sixth of May. That it may please the bishop to wish his commissary and official to be upright and diligent in their office, and to appoint a curate of more ability to feed his cure with God's word.

            "That none may be suffered to be midwives, but such as are catholic, because of evil counsel at such times as the necessity of women's travail shall require a number of women assembled.

            "That Ralph Carlton, curate, may be convented, whether by corruption of money he hath crossed his book of any that are there named, and hath not received indeed, as it is reported."


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