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Foxe's Book of Martyrs -- 443. A NOTE OF MASTER RIDLEY.


            Master Doctor Ridley, sometime bishop of London, of whom mention is made, was a man so reverenced for his learning and knowledge in the Scripture, that even his very enemies have reported him to have been an excellent clerk, whose life, if it might have been reedemed with the sum of ten thousand marks, yea, ten thousand pounds, the Lord Dacres of the north, being his kinsman, would have given it to Queen Mary, rather than he should have been burned. And yet was she so unmerciful, for all his gentleness in King Edward's days, that it would not be granted for any suit that could be made. Oh that she had remembered his labour for her to King Edward the Sixth with Cranmer before mentioned, in such sort that even she had yielded but the reward of a publican; then had the earth not so been bereft of him as it was. But the Lord forgive us our sins which were the cause thereof, and grant that we never so provoke his anger again, if it be his blessed will, Amen.


Another note of Master Ridley.

            Master Ridley, late bishop of London, being prisoner in the Tower, had there given him the liberty of the same, to prove belike whether he would go to mass or no, which once he did. And Master Bradford being there prisoner also the same time, and hearing thereof, taketh his pen and ink, and writeth to him an effectual letter to persuade him from the same, and showeth the occasion that thereby should ensue, which (God be honoured) did Master Ridley no little good: for he repented his fact therein, as he himself maketh mention, writing again in the latter end of the book of Marcus Antonius, which he sent to Master Bradford, and never after that polluted himself with that filthy dregs of antichristian service.


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