Foxe's Book of Martyrs -- 454. A NOTE OF WILLIAM GIE.


            One William Gie, servant with Master Revet, merchant, bought a Bible and Service-book of Richard Waterson, who then dwelt with Master Duixile in Paul's Churchyard, and one Spilman bound the book: and when the said Gie had inquired for the said Richard to have his book at Duixile's, answer was made that he was not within; and so the said Gie went his way to Spilman's for the book; and because he found it not done, he left it there, and immediately search was made in Spilman's house, and the said Bible and Service-book was found and carried to Bonner, then bishop of London. He having the books, commanded Spilman for the binding thereof to Lollard's Tower; and as Cluney went for the key thereof Spilman conveyed himself away. After that, Waterson and Gie being apprehended by Robin Calie, John Hill, and John Avales, and being two days in the Compter, were brought before Bonner and other commissioners. Being examined, Dr. Story demanded Gie, wherefore he bought the Bible? He answered, "To serve God withal." Then said Bonner, "Our Lady Matins would serve a Christian man to serve God." "The Bible," said Story, "would breed heresies; a bible-babble were more fit for thee." So they concluded that either of them should have forty stripes lacking one; and Bonner said, it was the law. And they said to Waterson, if he would pay forty pounds, he should be released of his stripes. At length they came to ten pounds; and when they saw he would not, they made a warrant to Master Grafton, and sent Waterson and Gie to Bridewell, to be beaten upon the cross. And because the matter should not be slightly handled, Story was sent with them to see it done. Gie being whipped upon the cross, intercession was made, that he might be forgiven part of his penance.


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