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Foxe's Book of Martyrs -- 440. A NOTE OF LADY JANE.


            The Lady Jane, she whom the Lord Guilford married, being on a time, when she was very young, at Newhall in Essex, at the Lady Mary's, was by one Lady Anne Wharton desired to walk: and they passing by the chapel, the Lady Wharton made low curtesy to the popish sacrament hanging on the altar; which when the Lady Jane saw, she marvelled why she did so, and asked her whether the Lady Mary were there, or not. Unto whom the Lady Wharton answered, No: but she said, that she made her curtesy to him that made us all. "Why," quoth the Lady Jane, "how can he be there, that made us all, and the baker made him?" This her answer coming to the Lady Mary's ear, she did never love her after, as credibly reported, but esteemed her as the rest of that Christian profession.


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