Foxe's Book of Martyrs -- ILLUSTRATIONS


Frontispiece -- Portrait of John Fox

Title Page -- The emperor Commodus casting a dart at the wild beasts

The Crucifixion of Christ

The martyrdom of St. Stephen

the martyrdom of St. Andrew

The Martyrdom of St. Peter


The martrydom of St. Polycarp

Christians Wandering in the Wilderness

St. Lawrence being tortured

The prelates before the Cæsar Constantius:

St. Alban's Abbey

Martrydom of St. Eulalia

Edwin and the stranger

A procession

A ruined Monastery.

Battle between Danes and Saxons

The Death of St. Edmund

King Alfred and the Cakes

The Murder of King Edward the Martyr

The Tomb of Edward the Confessor


A Gateway

The murder of Thomas À Becket

Turin and the plain of Piedmont



Battle between Crusaders and Saracens

The Shooting of King Richard

Prince Arthur's body taken from the river


The tomb of King John

Grantham Church struck by Lightning


Battle between Crusaders and Saracens

Jews burnt at the stake

Windsor Castle

Kenilworth Castle

Knights Templar burnt at the stake


Portrait of John Wickliff

Another Portrait of John Wickliff

Portrait of Edward III.

Seal of Edward III.

Tomb of Edward III.

John Wicliff defending himself.

The convocation thrown into confusion by an earthquake

Trial of Herford, Reppington and Ashton


The Burning of the bones of John Wickliff

the Murder of Thomas Woodstock

The burning of William Sautre

The description of the horrible burning of John Badby, and how he was used at his death

The examination of William Thorpe

William Thorpe in prison

A peasant carrying a sack of straw as a penance

Storm at the coronation of Henry V

Lord Cobham and the King

Examination of Lord Cobham

Lollards hanged and burned

John Huss preaching

John Huss preaching at the funeral of John, Martin, and Stascon

The Council disturbed by an Owl

John Huss speaking after dinner

John Huss in prison

The burning of John Huss's books

The Trial of John Huss

The Execution of John Huss

Portrait of Jerome of Prague

Jerome of Prague in the Stocks

Execution of Jerome of Prague

The Trial of John Claydon

The Execution of John Oldcastle

The Emperor Kissing Pope Martin's feet

Zisca Destroying the Images

Massacre of Old People, Women and Children

A Martyr Being Prepared for Burning At The Stake

A Martyr Being Flogged Through The Streets

Norwich cathedral

Burial of Plague Victims


Duke Humphrey's Body

Printers and Printing


Tomb of Henry VI

Portrait of Richard III

the battle of Bosworth Field

A Town Square


Battle between Turks and Christians

Lollard's Tower, Lambeth Palace

Various Martyrdoms

Constantine the emperor embracing Christian bishops

Bishops of Rome advanced by emperors, Constantine, Theodosius, &c.

Emperors kissing the pope's feet.

Pope Celestine the Fourth crowning the Emperor Henry the Sixth, with his feet.

Henry the Fourth, emperor, waiting three days upon Pope Gregory the Seventh.

King John offering his crown to Pandulph the pope's legate

Henry the Fourth, emperor, surrendering his crown to the pope

King Henry the Second kissing the knee of the pope's legate coming into England

The pope carried on men's shoulders, the emperor and king going before him.

Frontispiece - Portrait of Henry VIII.

Title Page The Execution of Dudley Earl of Leicester

Henry VIII. Trampling the Pope Underfoot

Richard Hun Found Hanged in the Lollard's Tower

Thomas Man Brought to Execution

The execution of Christopher Schoomaker

Martin Luther's Birth-Place

Portrait of Martin Luther

The debate at Leipsic

Portrait of Philip Melancthon

William Tell



Peter Spengler Executed by Drowning

A Good Man Beheaded


Martyrs Burned at the Stake


A Martyr Hung over a Fire

Martyrs Tortured by the Inquisition

Martyrs Paraded at Valladolid


Martyrs Slain with a Knife

Martyrs Dragged to the gallows

A Martyr Dragged and Whipped


The Minister of St. Germain Taken by Night

The Monks defeated by the Angrognians

The Protestant Church at Bobi

Soldiers Raiding a House by Night

The Waldois roll a huge stone on their enemies

The Seven Martyrs

Meeting of Henry and Francis

Cardinal Wolsey and the Dukes

A Gateway

Cardinal Wolsey in Procession

Bilney pulled out of the pulpit

A Victim on the Rack

John Tewkesbury carrying a faggot

James Bainham at the stake

Frith and Hewet at the stake

Tyndale at the stake

Collins burned at the stake

A Cathedral

Hereford Cathedral

Jerome Preaching

Barnes, Garret and Jerome at the Stake

An evil monk and a holy martyr

Filmer, Peerson and Testwod burned at the stake

Anne Askew burned at the stake

King Henry with Queen Katharine and the Lord Chancellor in the garden

Wisehart at the gallows

West Bow, Edinburgh

Portrait of King Edward VI

Bonner refusing to come before the commissioners

The Royal Wedding

The execution of William Gardiner

Edward duke of Somerset on the scaffold

Queen Mary receiving a letter

Thomas Wyat on the Scaffold

Lady Jane Grey led to execution

Execution of the Duke of Suffolk

A cat hanged in priest's dress

Priests doing penance for having taken wives

Portrait of John Calvin

The Massacre of St. Bartholemew's Eve

John Rogers Burnt at the Stake

Laurence Saunders in the Bishop's House

Laurence Saunders burnt at the stake

Portrait of John Hooper

John Hooper degraded from his office

Ancient Gateway, Hadleigh

Dr. Taylor brought hooded through Brentwood

Taylor burned at the stake

Taylor's Monument

William Hunter at the Stake

Bishop Ferrar

The Woman in the cage at London-bridge.

Chester cathedral

George March burnt at the stake.

William Flower Burnt at the stake

Wats with his Wife and Children

Portrait of John Bradford

Bradford on his way to execution

The execution of Bradford and Leaf

Bland, Frankesh, Shetrden and Midleton at the Stake

Christoper Wade at the Place of execution

The Arrest of George Tankerfield

Smith and his Companions in Newgate

Manor-house, Mancetter, the Residence of Glover

William Glover's Body Dragged by Horses

Bishop Ridley

Bishop Latimer

Latimer pleading with King Henry VIII for an innocent woman

Bishop Latimer Preaching

Latimer Presenting the New Testament to King Henry VIII.

The Beadle removing Dr. Ridley's cap

Stephen Gardiner taken ill at table

Present gateway in the Lollards' Tower, leading to the dungeon

John Philpot in Smithfield

The Seven Martyrs at the Stake

The Examination of Thomas Whittle

Greene Visited in Prison

The Earl of Wiltshire's Spaniel Biting the Pope in the Foot

Cranmer, Chersey and the Priest

Cranmer and his Accusers before King Henry VIII

The Room in the Tower Where Cranmer was Imprisoned

Portrait of Thomas Cranmer as a Young Man

Dr. Cranmer on Trial

Cranmer Making his Speech

The Execution of Cranmer

Execution of Porter amd Trunchfield

The Six martyrs at Their Execution

A Romish Funeral Procession by Moonlight

Beach and Harpole at the Stake

Hullier at the Stake

Laverock and Apprice Brought to Execution in a Cart

Croker and Drowry at the Stake

The Rescue of Gregory Crowe

The Thirteen Martyrs of Stratford-le-Bow

John Careless Dying in Prison

Palmer, Gwin and Askin at the Stake

Palmer at dinner in Bursar Shipper's House

Palmer and his companions at the place of execution


The Three Guernsey Women at the Stake

The Bones of Infants found in a Wall in Lenton Abbey

The Martyrdom of John Jackson

Heretics bearing Faggots and Candles

Portrait of Queen Mary

Phagius's Body Exhumed in St. Michael's Churchyard

Peter martyr's Wife Exhumed

The Prisoners Marching through a Town

The Five Martyrs led to Execution

The Maidstone Martyrs at the Stake

The Martyrs of Lewes

Tyrrel torturing Rose Allin

The Examination of Elizabeth Folkes

The sumner forced to eat his citation of Mary Lewes

Ralph Allerton at the stake

John Noyes at the Stake

Hallingdale, Gibson and Sparrow led to execution

Cutbert Symson at the stake

The Islington Martyrs

Roger Holland with the maid Elizabeth

Hinshaw and Bonner in the Garden

A Romish Procession

Thomas Hale arrested at night

Cluney carrying Will Fetty

Bonner and the boys bathing in the Thames

The Examination of Elizabeth Young

John Davis Arrested

Master Berty Defending Himself

Sprat escaping pursuit

Dr. Sands Speaking at Cambridge

Interior of the White Tower (Tower of London)

Elizabeth Arriving at the Tower

The Death of Berry

The Burial of Poor Lazarus

King Henry II of France Killed at a Joust

Whitman's Hand Cut Off

The Buriasl of Bishop Bonner

Queen Elizabeth riding in Triumph

The Bishops of Winchester and Lincoln Brought to the Tower of London

Frith and the Gentleman Meeting in The Tower

Hitton Taken in Rochester

The Massacre of St. Bartholomew's Eve