Harris's List - Miss Sctt, No. 44, Margaret-street, Cavendish-square.

Miss Sctt, No. 44, Margaret-street, Cavendish-square.


'Ads bobs she's wondrous pretty!
Her looks are almost jetty;
She's a finer wench than Betty,
And lo! her eyes are blue!

We cannot call this lady a beauty of the first rate; She is what may be determined pretty, but nothing extraordinary, and tho' she cannot boast of all those external graces, which distinguish the beauties of some ladies; yet I've heard, when she is engaged in her business, there are very few who are her superiors. She is amorous to the greatest degree, and has courage enough not to be afraid of the largest and the strongest man that ever drew weapon in the cause of love. She has had a number of admirers in her time, all of which she had the satisfaction of pleasing during their temporary residence with her. She is now in keeping by one Mr. B, who is not a little enamoured of her. Her person is of the middling fine, little black eyes, black hair, very fine teeth, and is altogether very agreeable.


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