Harris's List - Miss Ket, No. 9, Warren-street, Tottenham Court Road.

Miss Ket, No. 9, Warren-street, Tottenham Court Road.


Round your neck, like the ivy,
She'll fold her sweet arms,
And wickedly wanton display all her charms;
With transport she'll usher your hand to her breast,
Whilst with her's she applies the tumid bold guest.

Here the epicures in youth and beauty may satisfy their most ardent longings. Here Venus seems to have shed her choicest influence; and Cupid has called forth his choicest arrow of the amorous kind to warm her little breast to soft enjoyment. 'Tis not a lukewarm flame that burns in her breast, no, 'tis an enthusiastic rapture which enlightens her whole soul with the divine spirit of love. Whenever she is offering incense at the shrine of Venus, her whole frame is agitated with pleasure, her eyes languish, her breasts heave, and her limbs quiver; while involuntary sighs and murmurs burst forth from her tender bosom, provoking the transports of the happy priest who administers with her. She is about twenty years old, has fine black eyes and hair, is very genteel, and full of spirits.


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