Harris's List - Miss Frar, No. 6, Queen-street, Golden Square.

Miss Frar, No. 6, Queen-street, Golden Square.

The ridiculous distinctions which tradesmen make among one another, were the actual means of placing Miss F in her present situation. We may see every day a wholesale dealer look upon a retailer as infinitely below him, and even the Tallow-chandler treats the Butcher with contempt, the Butcher in his turn looks down on the poor Barber; and the Barber has his triumph over the Blacksmith and the keeper of a Chandler's shop; none put themselves on an equality with all except the Attorney, who has an opportunity of profiting by other people's weakness and absurdities. Nancy is the daughter of a Tradesman, and was taught by her parents not for the world to keep company with Miss Rappee, the Tobacconist's daughter; who, in her turn was taught to despise the Cheesemonger's family: the consequence of which was, that being taught to look so much above their own sphere, they became an easy prey to men of fashion and were soon abandoned.

Nancy has a good deal of vivacity, and a pretty face, she has a very pleasing aquiline nose, has excellent teeth, and good hair, and is good natured but rather haughty, she does not much care to give her company to any body whose person is not in some measure pleasing to her, without they make it well worth her while. She has an open manner of discourse in company, which is highly agreeable, and though she expects a genteel present, she is by no means mercenary, but enjoys the sport with all the vigorous ardour that may be expected from a girl of one and twenty


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