Harris's List - Miss Go—ld, No. 61, Well-street.

Miss Go—ld, No. 61, Well-street.

            Every woman has not the same talents to please alike, yet, all have some peculiar to themselves; the one sings, another dances with a peculiar grace. One charms by her sense and sensibility; another catches the heart by mere simplicity. Miss Go—ld's particular advantage is a surprising fond humour which she displays in the most agreeable manner imaginable. A mistress of such a turn, must sure be very desirable, as nothing in the world can please equal to good humour, joined with beauty. This lady lives in very gay life, and receives visits only from the best, of whom she makes whatever she thinks proper, by help of her agreeable talent. She is but slim made, is not above twenty years old, has fine dark brown glossy hair and eyes.


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