Harris's List - Miss Ric—son, No. 14, Titchfield-street.

Miss Ric—son, No. 14, Titchfield-street.


Her heaving breast with rapture lies,
And love her every with supplies.

            The constraint put upon the inclinations of most young girls, proves very often an irresistible enticement for them to indulge them—Miss R— is an instance of this, her mother, by endeavouring to control her, raised the fire of desire in her breast, and she soon became a convert to love and libertinism—She is fond of the sport to excess, and, by her own account, has never yet been bless'd with a satisfying meal of manhood. She never consults the person of a man, for she cannot like him without he has extraordinary powers, which are the only credentials by which a person can recommend themselves to her.

            She is about twenty-four, has a fair skin, and good eyes; is very full breasted, and has an agreeable lisp in her speech; she has genteel and good clothes, but dresses in a style peculiar to herself.


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