Harris's List - Mrs. Chisólme, No. 11, Berner-street.

Mrs. Chisólme, No. 11, Berner-street.


Gallants beware, look sharp; take care,
The blind eat many a fly.

††††††††††† This lady whose genteel behaviour, animated with no small degree of vanity, might persuade one, from her first appearance, that she is a modest woman, is, nevertheless, among the number of come-at-able demireps, who meet you in a tete-a-tete, about three quarters of the way, to prevent mistakes from external prudery. She is, it must be acknowledged, a pretty little woman, has good eyes and fine hair, a handsome hand and arm, and a great deal of that small talk which women of this cast are so apt to take for pleasantry and wit. Her apparent disinterestedness is very seducing, as she puts on all the airs of a woman of consequence, whose sole vice in an intrigue is pleasure; but beneath this delusion, self-interest may easily be discriminated. She is, indeed, at the time of life when prudence ought to predominate over every passion; and yet women about four and thirty lose sight of it the most, and require the greatest indulgence. Philosophers account for it is you can! I will, in the mean while, hazard a conjecture from experience. When a woman perceives her charms decay, and finds every day estranges her still farther from her juvenile beauty, she regrets (if an amorous woman) the loss of every moment of her life that has not been consecrated to bliss, and risks an adventure that she would formerly have spurned, rather than lose the chance of an admirer, the perspective of a moment's enjoyment; by her late appearance, we suppose her much reduced.

††††††††††† This lady at present occupies the first floor, but how long she will keep it we cannot answer.


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