Harris's List - Miss Sto—s, No. 15, Steven-street.

Miss Sto—s, No. 15, Steven-street.


Her eyes enflam'd and sparkling too;
Her cheek, the rose and lily's hue;
Her note was strait, and just its height,
Her lips than coral far more bright;
Her breasts two little hills of snow,
In which two vivid rubies glow:
Tho' one might span her slender waist,
Her thighs would scarcely be embrac'd,
Her taper leg by far excell'd
All that was ever yet beheld.

            What our warm poet here imagined, is in Miss St—es realized; for her face has the health of Hebe. She seems designed as the handmaid of love, and the servant of pleasure.

            Her eyes sparkle, and emanate the flames which seem to glow in her bosom and inspire that life, fire, and vivacity which animates her conversation.

            Her make is as elegant as imagination can paint. She is a very agreeable companion, and remarkable for her generosity; so that she is an object well worthy of the pursuit of a man of pleasure; yet in that pursuit, if he wishes the true pleasure resulting from the society of a desirable woman, he must prevent her drinking too much. She is about nineteen, and expects a brace of shiners.



Miss Molesw—h, No. 22, Oxendon-street.


Her youthful blood is all on fire,
She is all love and hot desire;
Her pulse beats high, her bosom heaves,
The more is done the more the craves.

            The novelty of this nymph upon town, must give her a high recommendation to those whose letch is a new face. She has however, other strong recommendations in the art the has adopted; for, besides being a very well made girl, with a very agreeable countenance, she is perfectly mistress of attitudes, and knows all the workings of human nature. Yet she is very decent and modest in company; and, though perfectly conversant in all that small talk which makes woman appear well educated, and is therefore very chatty, yet never known to swear. From being unhackneyed in her business, she is incapable of drinking; and we, for that, as well as other mysterious reasons, think her a very desirable companion, of only about nineteen years of age.

            If you should think it necessary to enquire her perfections further apply as above, and, on a proper recommendation, marked in gold "George the Third," she will herself, give you a more full and better satisfaction as to her abilities in bed.


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