Harris's List - Miss Bróley, No. 61, South Moulton-street.

Miss Bróley, No. 61, South Moulton-street.

††††††††††† The principal attractions of a female, in a public line of life are not to be confined merely to person. We have had frequent occasion to observe this in our review, but happy it is for those who wanting such attractions, can substitute others in lieu of them.

††††††††††† This lady has had that good fortune, and her agreeableness stands in lieu of beauty; for her face is in lack of such perfection, she has, however, a very good eye, which would alone be no small recommendation. But what recommends her much more, is a pleasantry which makes her courted as the laughter-loving goddess, and the patroness of mirth and good-humour, every where; this, in no small degree is assisted by a very good education, and good temper, which alike prevent her from swearing and drinking: and, in the whole, render her an object of esteem and attention. She is about twenty years of age, and ever satisfied with a single guinea.

††††††††††† This lady is said to be the natural daughter of Lód Bó, and is of a fair complexion.


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