Harris's List - Miss D—vis, No. 22, Upper Newman-street.

Miss D—vis, No. 22, Upper Newman-street.


Artful ways beguile the implicit rake.

            THIS is a fine lively girl, about twenty-one, rather above the middle size, genteely made; has several good friends, but is much attached to young Br—om, the lottery-office-keeper, who is now in prison, where she often visits him; is ever obliging, and seldom out of humour, understands a great deal of her business, and never fails to please. She enjoys her favourite man with ecstasy; and pleases, with cold indifference, managed by art, the rest of her votaries; who are content with thinking they have fathomed the deepest part of a girl so replete with sensation; in short, she can so well counterfeit the passions of love and lust, that many of the most knowing rakes of the town would be easily deceived. This lady occupies the parlour.


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