Harris's List - Miss Char—ton, same house as the last lady.

Miss Char—ton, same house as the last lady.


Heaven in her eye,
In every motion ectacy and love.

            This is an old observation, but certainly a true one, that some of the finest women in England are those, who go under the denomination of ladies of easy virtue. Miss C is a particular instance of the assertion; she came of reputable parents, bred delicately, and her education far superior to the vulgar; yet the address of a designing villain, too soon found means to ruin her; forsaken by her friends, pursed by shame and necessity; she had no other alternative, than to turn , let the reader guess what.— She was long a favourite among the great, but some misconduct of hers, not to be accounted for, reduced to the servile and detestable fate of turning common. She is a fine figure, tall and genteel, has a fair round face, with a faint tinge of that bloom she once possessed, is rather melancholy, 'till inspired with a glass, and then is very entertaining company.

            She lodges on the first floor, however, with the assistance of the last lady, who lives in the parlour, they sport a chariot, but some times the wheels get off, owing, we suppose, to the cash being low.


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