Harris's List - Miss Will—s, No. 6, Princess-street, Cavendish-square.

Miss Will—s, No. 6, Princess-street, Cavendish-square.


Temptation strong, who can withstand?
When push'd to it hard with sword in hand.

            A few years ago, at the time when that celebrated fair, called Bartholomew Fair was held, Miss W— went with some young women to see the diversions of that place, there were a parcel of young bucks singled her out. Immediately, one of them stuck close to her, took her round the fair, and bought her several trinkets; at last he prevailed on her to drop her acquaintances, as he did his, and to go in to the Crown to dance; he kept her there till towards morning, and then, had not much difficulty, (being warm with wine and dancing) to persuade her to go to his bed; next day being afraid to go home again, she consented to live with him, which she did for some time, and then parted by mutual consent; since that time she has lived on the town, and in different parts of it; dresses extremely genteel, is tall and lusty, has brown hair, black eyes, fair skin, and fresh colour, is rather delicate in her choice of customers, and high in her demands.


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