Harris's List - Mrs. Ha—on, No. 4, York-street, Queen Ann Street.

Mrs. Ha—on, No. 4, York-street, Queen Ann Street.


Be cautious, ye fair, of the man you trust.

            A good pretty Scotch lass about twenty-four, strong features, dark hair, and eyes, with extraordinary good teeth. She was debauched by a Scotch gentleman in the army; but finding an opportunity to marry, he left her with a small present, promising her great things when he came into his wife's fortune, which was said to be considerable; but as this proved only a pretence to get rid of her, she was obliged to shift for herself and make the most of her person: she has some extraordinary good acquaintance, and does as well as most of her sisterhood.

            She is always to be seen at the parlour window; her price is one pound one, but, like many others of the fraternity, will not turn her back on a less sum, she will rather accept of half a guinea, than her friend should return home with his burthen.


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