Harris's List - Miss Gronmos—d, No. 59, South-Moulton-street.

Miss Gronmos—d, No. 59, South-Moulton-street.

O! Parents, consider the child in future.

            This is a decent, well-bred, young lady, about twenty-two, was brought up in France, her father being a man who had an extreme good place for life, during which period he could very well afford to bring her up in the way he did; but being too ambitious was the cause of her ruin; after his decease she was left to the wide world to shift for herself, her mother dying when she was very young. Which way to turn herself she knew not: the whole of the father's effects went to pay some debts, so that being totally out of subsistence, she applied to one of those handy old women who oblige gentlemen with the newest ware, an opportunity which to her seemed the dernier resource, consequently was resolved to embrace it: in short, after losing her maidenhead for a trifling consideration, she was obliged to commence trader, and has for some time past obtained a decent livelihood. She is a very elegant, genteel fair girl, light hair, and extreme fine skin; her price is from two to five guineas.


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