Harris's List - Miss Sh—rd, No. 46, Goodge-street.

Miss Sh—rd, No. 46, Goodge-street.


A woman if she's young and fair,
Of lovers never need despair.

            A very desirable companion, though in the knowing style, she is up to a thing or two, and is not to be had by a queer cull. She is of a middle size, inclined to be fat, and may be said, if we draw a kind view of things, or argued a posteriori, to incline to the luscious.

            Her face is one of those where love seems to have chosen his seat for casting his darts from, especially from her eyes, which, from a certain peculiar cast, is all life, spirit, and fire; indeed, it seems rather to flame than burn. Her hand and arm are uncommonly neat; and her leg, thigh, and the demesnes adjacent remarkably tempting.

            She drinks but little, swears less, and has that great attractive recommendation to every woman—an apparent modesty, which, if a woman wants the reality is certainly the best substitute for it. She is without doubt a most pleasing pupil of pleasure, and perfectly competent to the instruction of those who. desire to be announced Students in the mysteries of Venus. She is about 20, and a single guinea will content her.

            This lady's apartments are on the first floor; has several city friends, and lawyers from Gray's Inn and the Temple.


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