Harris's List - Miss Moe, No. 1, Charles-street, Newman-street.

Miss Moe, No. 1, Charles-street, Newman-street.

Such is the power of good nature, that it can stand in the place of the other requisites usually expected to be found in the followers of the mysteries of Venus. Beauty, which is arcanum, tho' the cosmetics which adulterate it are, is generally looked upon as the first and chief requisite; and next to it, an agreeable conversation. Here, however, is the reverse of the medal! for Miss Me has nothing to boast of in point of beauty, as she has but a middling face, with large features, a coarse hand and arm, and in stature short and clumsy. So much for her person. Next, as to her conversation, she is ignorance itself; yet good-nature has force enough to bewitch and to continue the spell over those whom it has once bound.

Her age is about nineteen, and her favours may be had on very moderate terms.

She is an excellent bedfellow, being fond of the sport, and is just from the country.


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