Harris's List - Mrs. Abbing—on, next door to the Butcher's shop, Store-street.

Mrs. Abbing—on, next door to the Butcher's shop, Store-street.


In vain for youth we all contend,
Age to beauty will soon put an end.

            This lady was born of a good family, but being naturally of a froward disposition, she found means to deceive her parents, when a young Hibernian, who seeking out the natural bent of her inclinations, soon found an easy access to the fortress he had long been waiting to storm; but her father dying soon afterwards, my young gentleman was disappointed in his hopes of possessing any fortune at his decease, and therefore soon gave her an opportunity to seek for another keeper, which was one Mr. A—, whose name she now assumes. She lived with him as his wife for some time; he dying, she was again left to shift for herself; but, with prudence and industry, she soon acquired money sufficient to furnish a house.

            She is genteel, dark hair, black eyes, neat ankles, and about the middle size, is about the age of forty, though seldom owns herself above twenty-five, remarkable for her amorous disposition, and earnest desire to please her customers whom she would rather treat in her turn, than part without being both mutually satisfied.


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