Harris's List - Mrs. Cor—ish, No. 66, Well-street.

Mrs. Cor—ish, No. 66, Well-street.

            A wanton widow, of a middle size, black eyes, plump made, and her skin good.

            She is commonly at home at her apartments, which are very genteel, neat and elegant. Has a good set of friends, therefore is seldom seen at any public place of retort without an acquaintance.

            Her behaviour is very genteel when she has mind, but can upon an occasion let fly a volley of small shot; but who, when they are provoked, have an absolute command of their tongue? Her dress is always in taste, and indeed rather elegant than otherwise.

            She has always five or six ladies of her own stamp in the house with her; so is able to suit any gentleman with a young tit-bit, and by that means she has a very comfortable livelihood.


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