Harris's List - Miss Godf—y, No. 22, Upper Newman-street.

Miss Godf—y, No. 22, Upper Newman-street.


If parts can conquer great and small,
Sure — and Godf—y must needs do all.

            This lady is a kind of boatswain in her way, and when she speaks, every word is uttered with a thundering and vociferous tone. She is a fine lively little girl, about twenty-two, very fond of dancing, has dark eyes and hair, well shaped, and an exceeding good bed-fellow, will take brandy with any one, or drink and swear, and though but little, will fight a good battle. We apprehend this lady would be an extraordinary good companion for an officer in the army, as she might save him the trouble of giving the word of command.

            She resides in the first floor.


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