Harris's List - Mrs. Willóms, No. 17, Pit-street.

Mrs. Willóms, No. 17, Pit-street.

Fond she is and e'er will be,
Of our king's new guineas.

††††††††††† This is a fine tall lady, about twenty-four, a very fine figure, just returned from Brighton, has been in dock to have her bottom cleaned and fresh coppered, where the has washed away all the impurities of prostitution, and risen almost immaculate, like Venus, from the waves. She is now fit to carry any burthen, and sails from the rate of ten to twelve notches an hour. If the spring and even the summer of her beauty be past, she is not without hopes of a fruitful autumn. She at present has a young man of the pen who is her favourite, and lives on the first floor. Her footing is rather superior to the common run, and expects five pieces, but being often disappointed, is very well pleased with two or three.


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