Harris's List - Mrs, Elli—t, No. 24, Pit-street.

Mrs, Elli—t, No. 24, Pit-street.


If in search of game you rove,
For to sooth your melancholy;
Here you may give a loose to love,
With one that's lovely, brisk, and jolly,

            Mrs. Et is the only child of an eminent tradesman in London, who brought her up, and educated her in the best manner, but her being fond of dress, even to an extreme, her father could not satisfy her in all her desires, for which reason, and through the persuasions of a young officer who lodged in the house, she went away with him, to become a fine lady, but after he had got what he wanted, he changed his quarters; Mrs. E—t was afraid to go home again, so went and offered herself at a Bagnio; she was accepted being a fine girl, but was soon taken from thence into keeping by an old Letche; she did not stay long with him, but has shifted her keepers and lodgings many times: she now is at free liberty to trade upon her own bottom: is tall and comely, fair skin, light hair, blue eyes, and lively disposition; price high.


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