Harris's List - Miss Joes, No. 16, Edward-street, Cavendish-square.

Miss Joes, No. 16, Edward-street, Cavendish-square.


Thro' various scenes of untir'd, Miss Jes has run
And still to please she does, the best she can:
Her well taught limbs, will twist, and turn, and wind,
What more can wanton do, to suit your mind.

This lady was born in the country, but the circumstances of her parents, when she was sufficiently grown up, obliged them to send her into London to get a livelihood, she was not long before she got a place in St. James's Market, where, whither, by being accustomed to see the poor lambs bleed, or rather a desire of becoming a sacrifice to the goddess of love, is left for the reader to judge, but she was shortly found stabbed to the heart, in the most tender and susceptible part of her body, in short she was unable to withstand the powerful impulse of nature any longer, so was ravished with her own content, at the age of sixteen; her mistress, on the discovery, thought proper to send her going, for fear her good man should take it in his head to kill the lamb over again. She began now to shew the bent of her inclinations, she listed under the banners of Cupid, and marched at the head, being of a courageous disposition, and always ready to obey standing orders; she had great success, and often made the enemy to yield, by which means she gained no inconsiderable share of spoil, but her charitable disposition, (being always ready to relieve the naked and needy) soon reduced her. Her places of residence have been various; she is now about twenty-six, and though the has been many times besieged, and innumerable times bombarded; she looks well, and is remarkable for her gentleness and affability.


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