Harris's List - Miss Lawr—e, No. 6, Church-street, St. Ann's. Soho.

Miss Lawr—e, No. 6, Church-street, St. Ann's. Soho.

            The religion of the Jews will not permit them to eat pork, or feast with Christians; how strictly this lady may adhere to these particulars in her articles of faith we cannot positively tell; but this we can say for truth, that she has not the least objection to Christian concupiscence, and will open her synagogue of love even on the sabbath, either to Jew, Turk, or Infidel, if they think proper to call on her as above.

            This young Israelite renounced her Levitical friends for the sake of a Christian, who gave inward proofs of a new faith, which were so convincing to her, that she has continued a thorough orthodox convert ever since. She is of a sprightly disposition, has good teeth, dark hair, black eyes, a roman nose, a fresh colour, of a middle size, and is very wanton in her looks.


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