Harris's List - Miss Was, No. 60, South Moulton-street.

Miss Was, No. 60, South Moulton-street.


Is ever killing, toying, shoving,
And knows no end of lust but loving.

Our nymph seems cast by nature in one of the happiest moulds and happiest hours of love. She is tall and elegantly made, with a fair complexion, and about nineteen years of age: her eyes seem to beat an alarm to that of love, which her tongue, one would suppose, would invite to a parley with. Her foot and leg have the shape which the staturies give to the Medicean Venus; and the drapery of the figure exceeds even the beauty of it; for she is always dressed elegantly, and in a style of the first fashion.

Having said so much of the perfections of this lady, it is but just to give the remaining part of her character, rather in hopes of her amending than to condemn her, for an object, who, in the words of my motto, is ever loving, and is so peculiarly adapted for that business, ought to seize upon every means of increasing her charms.

Her companionableness is destroyed by her being fretful and tenacious; and her opinion of herself extends from her person to her conversation, of which she is vain though ignorant, But her principal defect is of a love of money, which she seems to prefer to every thing; for though she is fond of the sport, and admires a master of arts, yet she would forsake even such a one, so great is her mercenary disposition, if she should have the fortune to light on a pigeon.

She drives a chariot, has several city friends, both bankers and Israelites.


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