Harris's List - Miss We—ls, No. 35, Newman-street.

Miss We—ls, No. 35, Newman-street.


Virtue is the surest guide.

            This a young genteel girl, of the Welch breed, and of which she is not a little proud, and thinks that the blood of Owen Tudor runs in her veins; she is willing to do business with any one. She is as wild as a goat, of a sandy colour, her features are small, and is a tight little piece.

            This lady is said to be the daughter of a farmer in Wales, who sent her to London very young, to be under the care of an aunt, with whom she had not long resided before a young gentleman ingratiated him so far into her graces, as to gain her consent to make him happy by her ruin, under a promise of marriage—but no sooner had enjoyment damped the ardour of his love, than he abandoned her to the reproaches and calumny of a merciless world! till at length with shame and disappointment she quitted her aunt's, and entered on the town.

            There is one thing to be said of her, which is, if she had not quitted the paths of virtue, the might have proved an honour and an ornament to her sex, as she is possessed of every good and amiable quality to make this true.

            Her customers, whenever inclined to pay her a visit, are always sure to be received with a behaviour and politeness becoming a person in a higher station.

            She is like many others, mighty good humoured when pleased. If you give her a piece of gold, before you enter the premises, she goes to work with great affability and sweetness of temper; but if not, she is cool enough, and thinks of nothing but the money during the time of enjoyment.


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