Harris's List - Miss Wats—n, No. 36, Well-street.

Miss Wats—n, No. 36, Well-street.

            Fortune we all know, is a precarious Goddess, for although she smiles with the most enchanting grace, it is like an April day, when the sun shines delightfully, yet is suddenly over clouded. Miss Nancy was educated with the utmost degree of parental tenderness, and taught all the polite necessaries for female education which those in expectation of fortune generally have, and hers were not small; but alas! who can dive into the mysteries of fate. Her dependence was upon an old uncle, a Bachelor, who always promised her a very handsome fortune, but that arch rogue Cupid shot the old man, one day thro' the bright eyes of a buxom widow; in short he married her, and in a twelvemonth had a child by her, but dying soon after, bequeathed his whole fortune to his wife and child, and left poor Nancy without a farthing. This was a terrible circumstance, as she had long been solicited by a young citizen in trade, of whom she was doatingly fond, but he declined his visits when he heard of her fate; this had such an effect on her, that it threw her into a fit of illness, which had like to have cost her her life. This brought her artful swain to visit her, and when she got a little better, he took a country lodging for her. And in a short time got the better of her virtue; he kept her genteel for some time, but finding it expensive, frankly told her he could not afford it, and so left her. Poor Nancy was in a terrible situation, but finding no other remedy, determined to enlist herself in the train of Venus, where the has continued ever since; her customers are chiefly citizens, who visit very privately. She lives elegant, and is a great economist, is tall and genteel, about twenty-four years of age, rather dark complexion, a little pitted with the small pox, her price is one pound one, but will not refuse half a guinea.

            She is in good condition for a journey, being possessed of long legs; and is first floor lodger.


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